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Future of Work

Vox’s coverage of the future of work: how we got here and what comes next.

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Older Americans are working longer. Some want to; others have to.

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The future of cities, according to the experts

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Workers are mad as hell this summer

A UPS strike would have been worse than you think

Don’t schedule meetings after 4 pm

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The hottest new job is “head of AI” and nobody knows what they do

Telephone operation was a good career for women. Then it got automated.

Pregnant or recently pregnant? A new law could make your job easier.

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Scared tech workers are scrambling to reinvent themselves as AI experts

The hottest new perk in tech is freedom

Tulsa will pay you to live there. And you’ll love it.

The “return to the office” won’t save the office

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Why an Air Force colonel — and many other experts — are so worried about the existential risk of AI

Gen Z just wants a stable job

You may never eat inside a fast food restaurant again

Your boss is obsessed with productivity without knowing what it means

An Amazon union just won a $30 an hour contract

Tech companies are finally firing tech workers

When did mass layoffs become so normal?

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Americans think AI is someone else’s problem

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AI is flooding the workplace, and workers love it

Starbucks won’t admit to breaking the law by union busting

It’s still possible to get what you want at work

Will using AI make Microsoft Word better? We’re going to find out.

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Maybe AI can finally kill the cover letter

Bosses want to pay you more but give you less

Where will all the laid-off tech workers go?

Your favorite tech giant wants you to know it’s a startup again

It looks like people are actually moving back to San Francisco (really)

Quiet hiring and the endless quest to coin terms about work

How workers fought back in 2022

Conferences want to cure the work-from-home blues

Here’s what employers are cutting instead of your job

It wasn’t an ordinary Red Cup Day at Starbucks this year 

Silicon Valley layoffs are a reminder that your job won’t love you back

Twitter’s case study of how not to lay people off

Where do restaurant “service fees” really go?

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Back to the future

Rethinking old ideas about what we eat, where we live and work, and how we power our communities.

The future of the office is a lab

Our buildings are making us sick

Burnout was supposed to get better. It hasn’t.

Women in leadership are leaning out (and into a better job)

Companies are being forced to reveal what a job pays. It’s a start.

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