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The Future of Meat

Future Perfect’s coverage of factory farming, animal welfare, and how the way we eat affects our lives and our planet.

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Europe might abandon its animal welfare revolution

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The bizarre new frontier for cell-cultivated meat: Lion burgers, tiger steaks, and mammoth meatballs

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“Climate-friendly” beef could land in a meat aisle near you. Don’t fall for it.

The myths we tell ourselves about American farming

Governments have put $1 billion toward making better meat alternatives. A lot more is needed.

How the radical history of plant-based eating illuminates our future

A new investigation exposes the stomach-churning practice that goes into making your bacon

How to eat less meat: A practical guide

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Black-footed ferrets!

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Chickens are taking over the planet

Undercover audio of a Tyson employee reveals “free-range” chicken is meaningless

Inside the Republican effort to force millions of farm animals back into cages

No-kill chicken tastes like chicken. Because it is.

Why the media too often ignores the connection between climate change and meat

Cell-cultivated chicken was just approved for sale in the US. But it won’t be on grocery shelves anytime soon.

The sustainability risks of Impossible and Beyond Burgers

California has the country’s strongest animal welfare law. Now it just needs to be enforced.

The Aubrey Plaza ad for Big Dairy that may have violated federal law, explained

UN numbers say meat is bad for the climate. The reality is worse.

The Supreme Court’s ruling on Prop 12 is a win against factory farming. But the pigs’ lives will still suck.

Eat more beans. Please.

Save the male chicks

Let’s talk about the biggest cause of the West’s water crisis

Were the Impossible and Beyond burgers a fad, or is plant-based meat here to stay?

A fire killed 18,000 cows in Texas. It’s a horrifyingly normal disaster.

The viral story of a girl and her goat explains how the meat industry indoctrinates children

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How will we feed Earth’s rising population? Ask the Dutch.

The Netherlands’ hyper-efficient food system is both a triumph and a cautionary tale.

The fight against factory farming is winning criminal trials

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The very cute, totally disturbing tale of the American “it” dog

How the quest to own the nation’s most popular, most Instagram-worthy pup has bred a world of problems.

Pescetarians are responsible for many more animal deaths than regular meat eaters

How a shipping error 100 years ago launched the $30 billion chicken industry

Eggs are expensive for all the wrong reasons

The biggest animal welfare crisis you’ve never heard of

Why egg prices keep going up while inflation is going down

Big Meat just can’t quit antibiotics

The bitter civil war dividing American veterinarians

The first lab-grown seafood will be fancy

Want to help animals? Here’s where to donate your money.

Want to donate to charity? Here are 10 guidelines for giving effectively.

Sen. Cory Booker has a plan to stop taxpayer bailouts of Big Meat 

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The midterm culture war over plant-based meat

FDA approval puts lab-grown meat one step closer to your dinner plate

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