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The Future of Meat

Future Perfect’s coverage of factory farming, animal welfare, and how the way we eat affects our lives and our planet.

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Sell lab-grown meat in Tennessee, pay a $1 million fine

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How a shipping error more than a century ago launched the $30 billion chicken industry

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You’re probably eating way too much protein

When one twin goes vegan and the other doesn’t

24 things we think will happen in 2024

Big Meat just can’t quit antibiotics

We raise 18 billion animals a year to die — and then we don’t even eat them

 A practical guide to eating less meat

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Black-footed ferrets!

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The new Chicken Run movie is fun — and a damning critique of America’s meat industry

Scaling slaughter-free meat is hard. Here’s one way to make it easier.

There’s less meat at this year’s climate talks. But there’s plenty of bull.

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Mahi Klosterhalfen is leading Germany’s animal welfare revolution

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Justin Marceau is defending a new generation of animal rights activists

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Crystal Heath wants veterinary medicine to live up to its values

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David Kaplan is building an academic community for the future of meat

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Catalina Lopez is fighting the horrors of fish farming

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From court to classroom, Jon Lovvorn is working to end factory farming

Want to help animals? Here’s where to donate your money.

How America broke the turkey

You’re more likely to go to prison for exposing animal cruelty than for committing it

Can a social media “pigfluencer” turn people off bacon?

This land isn’t for you or me. It’s for the meat industry.

Europe might abandon its animal welfare revolution

The bizarre new frontier for cell-cultivated meat: Lion burgers, tiger steaks, and mammoth meatballs

“Climate-friendly” beef could land in a meat aisle near you. Don’t fall for it.

The myths we tell ourselves about American farming

Governments have put $1 billion toward making better meat alternatives. A lot more is needed.

How the radical history of plant-based eating illuminates our future

A new investigation exposes the stomach-churning practice that goes into making your bacon

Chickens are taking over the planet

Undercover audio of a Tyson employee reveals “free-range” chicken is meaningless

Inside the Republican effort to force millions of farm animals back into cages

No-kill chicken tastes like chicken. Because it is.

Why the media too often ignores the connection between climate change and meat

Cell-cultivated chicken was just approved for sale in the US. But it won’t be on grocery shelves anytime soon.

The sustainability risks of Impossible and Beyond Burgers

California has the country’s strongest animal welfare law. Now it just needs to be enforced.

The Aubrey Plaza ad for Big Dairy that may have violated federal law, explained

UN numbers say meat is bad for the climate. The reality is worse.

The Supreme Court’s ruling on Prop 12 is a win against factory farming. But the pigs’ lives will still suck.

Eat more beans. Please.

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