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Fossil fuels

Vox's coverage of fossil fuel policy and its impact on the global climate crisis.

Carmakers pumped the brakes on hybrid cars too soon

The US power grid quietly survived its most brutal summer yet

The oil industry’s cynical gamble on Arctic drilling

Democrats have made a puzzling decision to drop their demand to end fossil fuel subsidies

How to drive fossil fuels out of the US economy, quickly

Coronavirus stimulus money will be wasted on fossil fuels

Why climate activists disrupted the Harvard-Yale football game

The University of California system is ending its investment in fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are underpriced by a whopping $5.2 trillion

Costa Rica has an ambitious new climate policy — but no, it’s not banning fossil fuels

It’s time to think seriously about cutting off the supply of fossil fuels

The world’s bleak climate situation, in 3 charts

Donald Trump is handing the federal government over to fossil fuel interests

No country on Earth is taking the 2 degree climate target seriously

Is there any point in trying to restrict fossil fuel supplies? A new paper says yes.

Clean energy is growing fast — but it's not yet winning the race against fossil fuels

How to stop global warming, in 7 steps

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