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THC, in every snack you can think of

One Good Thing: Garlic, a perfect food

How war in Ukraine is making people hungry in the Middle East

New York Mayor Eric Adams is an imperfect vegan. And that’s okay.

The biggest fast food rollout of meatless fried chicken is happening in January

Diet messaging is everywhere right now. Here’s how to tune it out.

How to eat less meat: A practical guide

A TikTok food star on why gas stoves are overrated

Did you (or your dog) eat a suspicious mushroom? These very online mycologists want to help.

Coffee as we know it is in danger. Can we breed a better cup?


The chicken industry’s worker safety problem


Why 4 companies control the beef industry

What a meatless future could mean for farmers

The endless expansion of the American beverage aisle

It’s hard to make chickenless chicken delicious. Has Beyond Meat cracked the code?

The lie of “expired” food and the disastrous truth of America’s food waste problem

The biggest problem with eating insects isn’t the “ew” factor

Where’s the “Impossible Burger” of cheese?

A no-beef diet is great — but only if you don’t replace it with chicken

Ramps, spring’s trendiest produce, explained

The great American chicken wing shortage is upon us

Even if you’re vaccinated, indoor dining is still complicated

The state of the plant-based food industry

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Why the US egg industry is still killing 300 million chicks a year

Hatcheries promised to stop killing male chicks by 2020. What’s taking so long?

A French city announced it would serve meatless school lunches. The backlash was swift.

My husband, the carnivore

The biggest animal welfare success of the past 6 years, in one chart 

The next frontier for animal welfare: Fish

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The wild and irresistibly saucy tale of the curry con man

J. Ranji Smile served Indian food and tall tales to a hungry American public. Was he the first "celebrity chef" or a crook? The truth is complicated.

How Biden can rein in the Big Meat monopoly

How chickens took over America’s dinner plates, in one chart

The way we eat could lead to habitat loss for 17,000 species by 2050

Celebrities have always done endorsements. Now they sell their fast food orders. 

The politics of “dude food”

Are air fryers worth the hype? Depends who you ask.

Meatless meat is going mainstream. Now Big Food wants in.

Food banks have had a record year. Here’s what it’s like to run one.

How Instagrammy cookware got so popular

Singapore is the first country in the world to approve lab-grown chicken products

This sourdough recipe takes all day. That’s what makes it great.

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