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The biggest names in food are just regular people on TikTok

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What do Americans want from their food? The answers are in the Trader Joe’s recalls.

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No-kill chicken tastes like chicken. Because it is.

How to keep your CSA produce from rotting in your refrigerator

Will diet soda, yogurt, and cereal disappear from stores?

The WHO declared aspartame “possibly” causes cancer. Here’s what that means.

It’s pasta salad summer

Cell-cultivated chicken was just approved for sale in the US. But it won’t be on grocery shelves anytime soon.

A 12-year-old might’ve grown your food. In many states, that’s perfectly legal.

Eat more beans. Please.

You may never eat inside a fast food restaurant again

The brewing war over who goes hungry in America — and how to feed them

SNAP boosts kept millions out of poverty during Covid. Now they’re gone.

America’s school lunch crisis

A retro hobby for the end times

Noma’s closing exposes the contradictions of fine dining

Why egg prices keep going up while inflation is going down

The Cheesecake Factory knows what you want

A not-intimidating guide to meal planning

How to cook and eat well when food is more expensive than ever

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The midterm culture war over plant-based meat

How to be a good-enough home cook

Inside the fantastical, pragmatic quest to make “hybrid” meat

The mysterious rise of food allergies

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Ryan Xue is cultivating a better meat industry in China

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Liz Specht is shaping the next generation of meat alternatives

Why food keeps getting more expensive

The Supreme Court seems absolutely flummoxed by a high-stakes case about pigs

Should California be allowed to raise the price of bacon in Florida?

California aims to transform how fast food workers are treated

The Colorado River drought is coming for your winter veggies

Meat has a big carbon footprint. The Inflation Reduction Act ignores it.

How Germany is kicking its meat habit

Sri Lanka’s protests are just the beginning of global instability

The plant-based future of food doesn’t always taste that great

One Good Thing: The Two Fat Ladies proved pleasure was for every body

THC, in every snack you can think of

One Good Thing: Garlic, a perfect food

How war in Ukraine is making people hungry in the Middle East

New York Mayor Eric Adams is an imperfect vegan. And that’s okay.

The biggest fast food rollout of meatless fried chicken is happening in January

Diet messaging is everywhere right now. Here’s how to tune it out.

How to eat less meat: A practical guide

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