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First Person

First Person

First-person essays and interviews with unique perspectives on complicated issues.

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A pandemic year in the life of a New York City block

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The best $15 I ever spent: The compression socks that became my pandemic uniform

My husband, the carnivore

How an unpaid bill can lead to prison

Here’s what the “Black tax” does to so many families — including mine

“The clock is ticking”: Battling cancer while the world is on pause

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What would you tell your pre-pandemic self?

14 people look back and offer advice to their past selves on what’s to come.

Instacart’s harsh ratings system hurts grocery delivery people like me

How the history of spas and sex work fits into the conversation about the Atlanta shootings

What Biden’s new child benefit would have meant for me growing up

Cities aren’t designed for women. Sarah Everard’s murder shows us the consequences.

The best $30 I ever spent: A pair of toy mice for my daughter

College students needed spring break for their mental health. Covid-19 took that away.

The emotional toll of living with a health care worker in the pandemic 

Many interracial couples know exactly what Meghan Markle went through

Money Talks: The couple with differing financial priorities

The little-known radical history of International Women’s Day

A West Virginia pharmacist on how the state became a vaccine success story

“It all happened so fast”: 3 people on getting the Covid-19 vaccine by chance

The best $59 I ever spent: A rice cooker that connected me to my roots

Such a pretty face

“I feel like my ancestry is the story of America”

The Texan dream of going it alone was never real

We’re all supposed to be survivalists now

The best 70€ I ever spent: An old German sideboard

The many ways Muslim prisoners are denied religious rights in prison

The story of vaccines in America starts with an enslaved African man

The case for outdoor schooling

The Kansas City Chiefs’ “Arrowhead Chop” chant isn’t a tribute to people like me. It’s racist.

The best $85 I ever spent: Nursing bras that actually worked

What “baby bust”? New and soon-to-be parents on choosing to have kids in dark times.

How the CIA’s fake Hepatitis B vaccine program in Pakistan helped fuel vaccine distrust

New crystal, new you?

What Kamala Harris means to women who are childfree by choice

Kamala Harris, multiracial identity, and the fantasy of a post-racial America

On being “ethnically ambiguous”

The best $1 I ever spent: A Venmo payment to my ex

The loneliness of being mixed race in America

“I think this is a wake-up call”: Seeing a familiar face in the Capitol riot