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Millennials weren’t the only ones gutted by the recession. Gen X has never recovered.

I bought into the worst stereotypes about black small-business owners, even after I became one

How Kamala Harris’s mental health plan could hurt the most vulnerable 

4 young Indigenous people on what “home” looks like today

Money Talks: This couple had 6 dogs. It got really expensive.

Watching The Report through Muslim eyes

Twitter is banning political ads. Nonprofits like mine could suffer.

The best $2,000 I ever spent: many, many rounds of bingo

Loss, trauma, and injustice: On being Black and dying from a broken heart

The Supreme Court will hear my case today. Trump will not win on DACA.

My husband was a veteran living in shame. He died from an opioid addiction.

The best $1,395 I ever spent: a workshop with an alleged literary grifter

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The brutal mirror: what the psychedelic drug ayahuasca showed me about my life

Reparations aren’t just political. They’re deeply personal.

Beware companies that promote “buy one, give one” charity

Revenge porn is a tactic of abuse. Katie Hill’s case makes that clear.

My advice for aspiring explainer journalists

The best $1.75 I ever spent: Hand sanitizer that allows me to exist in public

When I twerked onstage with Lizzo, it was an act of political defiance

Money Talks: They laid out finances on their first date. Then they retired at 38 and 41.

The way forward for Me Too, according to founder Tarana Burke

I listened to the Supreme Court argue about my rights as a trans person. I have never felt more frustrated.

The best $1.16 I ever spent: a set of loaded Dungeons & Dragons dice

The Supreme Court is finally taking on trans rights. Here’s the woman who started it all.

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Why HR is powerless to effectively handle sexual harassment claims

What happens after you report sexual harassment and hear nothing?

The real reason Amber Guyger was convicted

The true tale of a bona fide, one-of-a-kind “Lobster Girl”

I confronted Jeff Flake during the Kavanaugh hearings. One year later, I regret nothing.

Greta Thunberg became a climate activist not in spite of her autism, but because of it

The best $1.50 I ever spent: a kneadable eraser

6 Native leaders on what it would look like if the US kept its promises

I’m a Latina who went to an elite institution. Kavanaugh culture dominates.

Money Talks: She moved home to save money — and her mom never wants her to leave

Caroline Calloway and our obsession with feminine deceit

The best $80 I ever spent: TSA PreCheck

’90s erotic thrillers and the satisfaction of watching women burn the world

Money Talks: She makes triple his salary

On eating watermelon in front of white people: “I’m not as free as I thought”

The best $190 I ever spent: a fan to ease my perimenopause

5 things people still get wrong about slavery