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First Person

First-person essays and interviews with unique perspectives on complicated issues.

I faced Larry Nassar in court. Epstein’s accusers should have had the same chance.

Fake autism treatments show the lengths parents will go to “cure” their kids

The best $60 I ever spent: a palm reading that helped me find my way

Is wealth immoral?

Why we should let more foreign doctors practice in America

The best $14 I ever spent: a wipes warmer when I had postpartum depression

I’m a former Parkland student. I am sick of lawmakers’ empty tweets.

How to politely smoke weed

Money Talks: one spouse had student loans, the other paid it all off

From diagnostics to autopsy to burial, stillbirths are alarmingly expensive in America

2020 Democrats are tweeting about the murders of black trans women. Where are their policies?

How a Bay Area ban on feeding squirrels and birds ended up saving their lives

A day in name-changing court

A sick pet, and an unthinkable choice

The best $42.92 I ever spent: a handful of junky Forever 21 jewelry

The composure and civility of “the Squad” against Trump’s attacks

Laboratories of Democracy: what Seattle learned from having the highest minimum wage in the nation

Money Talks: One friend got married, the other was her maid of honor

The LGBTQ civil rights fight is far from over

The dating algorithm that gives you just one match

The best $3,000 I ever spent: training for my dog

How prayer helped me detox from the internet

I was a child of Chernobyl

I’m a left-wing anarchist. Guns aren’t just for right-wingers.

The citizenship question is blocked for now. But demographers are still worried about the census.

Not one 2020 candidate has a website that is accessible to the blind

Meet the people fighting for health care access for disabled kids detained at the border

Comedy clubs that book Louis C.K. don’t care about their staff’s safety

The best $95 I ever spent: a weighted blanket for my anxiety-induced insomnia

Why suicide is a top cause of death for police officers and firefighters

I paid off all my student loans. I still support student loan forgiveness.

It sucks to go to the doctor if you’re trans

I’m a Jewish historian. Yes, we should call border detention centers “concentration camps.”

He lost his ROTC scholarship when he came out. Decades later, he’s still paying back student debt.

Black trans women want the media to show them living, not just dying

I’ve talked to dozens of parents about why they don’t vaccinate. Here’s what they told me.

Why Always Be My Maybe’s Asian American underachiever is groundbreaking

5 trans Catholics on the Vatican’s rejection of their gender identity

Secularism is on the rise, but Americans are still finding community and purpose in spirituality

The best $300 I ever spent: a ticket home to see my dad