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First Person

First Person

First-person essays and interviews with unique perspectives on complicated issues.

My father, the white supremacist

I’d inherited his family’s money, his height, his arthritis. Could I inherit the very worst parts of him, too?

What we don’t know about OCD

The ghosts of our motel

The helplessness of being an Afghanistan War vet

My nemesis, the piano

The complicated reality of doing what you love

The White Lotus is as clueless about Native Hawaiians as its characters

The long road to a reckoning on racist team names

The best four years of your life?

Dropping out helped me see the lies we’re sold about the college experience.

“I can’t tell you how relieved I was”

How American parents became obsessed with gender

Critical race theory hysteria overshadows the importance of teaching kids about racism

Sweating and grieving in Oregon

Criticism’s lack of diversity is hurting movies, TV, music, and more

I’m a gay ex-NFL player. I can’t wait until players like Carl Nassib don’t need to “come out.”

The stigma of the lonely woman

Reevaluating the gay bar

In the Heights exemplified the ugly colorism I’ve experienced in Latinx communities

The Asian American wealth gap, explained in a comic

The best $298 I ever spent: Oysters and a cocktail the night before I gave birth

American Jews are taught a very specific Israel narrative. Can that change?

Seeing myself — and Asian American defiance — in Gilmore Girls’ Lane Kim

First-time activists on how last summer’s protests changed their lives

Why the world must witness pictures of India’s mass Covid-19 cremations

Who pays?

As dating and marriage evolve, so is the way couples tackling the uncomfortable question.

In many Asian American families, racism is rarely discussed

Mourning my grandmother — and India — from across the ocean

The many Asian Americas

What does it mean to be Asian American?

Teens can’t all get vaccinated yet. They’re still excited for summer.

Ma’Khia Bryant didn’t have to die. Deescalation could have saved her.

I help people decide if they want to have kids. Here’s my advice.

Greek life is losing members. Here’s why.

I could have been Ma’Khia Bryant

Why do we care how smart animals are?

We have enough proof

Daunte Wright and the grim financial incentive behind traffic stops

The best €44 I ever spent: The first sweater I bought in years

The next generation of Black farmers

From beans and rice to BBQ: Muslim Americans’ Ramadan cuisine reflects their diversity