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First Person

First-person essays and interviews with unique perspectives on complicated issues.

Christchurch helped turn my mosque from a place of worship into a place of fear

I was on Jeopardy. The thing I remember most is meeting Alex Trebek.

How the college admissions scandal busts racist stereotypes about who gets into elite schools

The most reprehensible part of the admissions scandal: faking disability accommodations

A “robot” doctor told a patient he was dying. It might not be the last time.

Sen. McSally says she was raped in the Air Force. Here’s why it matters to military women like me.

The best $2,000 I ever spent: the lawyer who cleared me of a drug charge

The Catholic Church is still silent on gender identity issues. It’s left trans Catholics in limbo.

Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, and the myth that all victims of abuse become abusers

The Ilhan Omar controversy shows how little we care about Palestinian lives

“I tried ketamine to treat my depression. Within a day, I felt relief.”

Brexit has turned me into a prepper

Most churches are losing members fast — but not the Mormons. Here’s why.

What I learned from donating a kidney to my 70-year-old father

The best $6,160 I ever spent: a US work visa

Stop calling Trump “medieval.” It’s an insult to the Middle Ages.

Depictions of mental illness can save lives. But A Star Is Born gets one thing very wrong.

When do racists deserve forgiveness?

The best $24.95 I ever spent: an ugly organizer for cables and cords

I’m a geophysicist. My signature fieldwork uniform is bright pink.

Ever tried telling a teen to stop Juuling? These experts have a tip.

Measles is spreading in Washington state. Medical misinformation continues to spread too.

The rise of the star-studded, Instagram-friendly evangelical church

Websites need to be more accessible for disabled people

Roger Stone shows how much better it is to get arrested when you’re rich

What would you do if you missed two paychecks?

Porn actress August Ames’s death was a lost chance to talk about sex workers and mental health

The best $2.75 I ever spent: an NYC ferry ride

I'm from Atlantic City. I've seen how Donald Trump's false promises devastate a community.

I was discharged from the military for being trans. I’m losing hope of ever serving again.

Toxic masculinity is under attack. That’s fine.

“The world doesn’t fit me”: a new memoir chronicles everyday life at 460 pounds

I’m furloughed. I’m also disabled. I have to choose between care and keeping the lights on.

I live by Yosemite National Park. Here’s what’s been happening since the shutdown.

The unexpected best use of Facebook

I write political thrillers. The Trump era keeps spoiling my books.

The best $104 I ever spent: a rose gold trash can

The retro piece of exercise equipment my parents couldn’t give up

I work with kids. Here’s why they’re consumed with anxiety. 

When I was furloughed, I couldn’t pay for child care. It set off a financial chain reaction.