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Should you be friends with your kids?

The limits of therapy-speak

Where are all the apartments for families?

Small acts of kindness matter more than you think

How to foster your purpose wherever you are in life

Everyone messes up. Here’s how to say you’re sorry.

How to offer help when you don’t know what to say

End-of-life planning with loved ones can be hard. Here’s where to start.

My father, the white supremacist

I’d inherited his family’s money, his height, his arthritis. Could I inherit the very worst parts of him, too?

The modern family

Amid distance and estrangement and strain, some are happily replacing the clans they’re born into with chosen families.

Welcome to the Family Issue of The Highlight

They lost parents to Covid-19. Are we abandoning them?

The number of American kids whose caregivers have died in the pandemic has surpassed 140,000.

Why daughters fight with their mothers

A Georgetown linguist analyzed hours' worth of conversations between mothers and their adult daughters. Here's what she found out.

Why your family drives you crazy

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