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Fall TV

Fall TV

Which shows to watch and which ones to skip on television this fall.

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The 26 most worthwhile TV shows to watch this fall

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Transparent season 4 is a mess, but a very human one

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Star Trek: Discovery nails the important stuff in a surprisingly terrific debut

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The brilliant, infuriating, boring, hypnotic Ken Burns documentary The Vietnam War

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2017 is the worst fall TV season in recent memory

Fall TV is here, Covid-19 and all

The (secular) gospel according to The Good Place

Nathan Fillion is a rookie cop, Black-ish is back, and more from the week in fall TV

This week in TV: a teen drama to check out, a new spin on Charmed, and Jennifer Garner

4 new TV shows to try, from Halloween horror to the Flight of the Conchords

The rise, fall, and unlikely return of Murphy Brown, explained

4 TV shows to check out, from The Good Place to Lil Rel Howery’s new show

4 new TV shows to check out this week, from Australian hitmen to beleaguered doctors

All the canceled and renewed TV shows from the 2017-’18 season

After weeks in limbo due to its gun violence, Marvel’s The Punisher finally has a premiere date

Aline Brosh McKenna of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and The Devil Wears Prada on twisting rom-com tropes

Black-ish’s musical episode about Juneteenth is a pointed lesson on American ignorance

2 new TV shows prove how hard it is to launch a comedy series

The best and (mostly) worst new fall TV shows, in one chart

The Opposition With Jordan Klepper is an unfocused satire of “alt-media” at its most hyperbolic

Netflix's Big Mouth takes a sharp, surprisingly joyful look at the gross time that is puberty

Will & Grace is back, and so is the debate over its place in LGBTQ history

Marvel's Inhumans is jaw-droppingly awful television. Even worse, it’s boring.

Ken Burns, America's best-known documentarian, explained

This Is Us season 2 premiere: a big mystery is solved — sort of

Young Sheldon isn’t The Big Bang Theory with a little kid

The Orville episode about an alien baby sex reassignment was exactly as confusing as it sounds

Star Trek: Discovery’s showrunners on what to expect from the first Trek TV series in 16 years

BoJack Horseman is famous for being emotionally wrenching. But it's also ridiculously funny.

The Good Place, TV’s weirdest and most ambitious sitcom, doubles down in season 2

Love TV comedy? You’re in luck. 3 terrific ones just debuted.

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Fall TV 2017: everything you need to know about the best and worst shows

Two James Francos. Porn. 1970s New York. The Deuce could go so wrong — but it doesn't.

In BoJack Horseman’s searing 4th season, the past comes for everyone

Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville isn't the spoof Fox advertised. It’s much weirder — and worse.

You're the Worst enters a treacherous 4th season in style

One Mississippi season 2 shows the limits of joke-light comedy

American Horror Story: Cult is either very self-aware, very silly, or both

Stranger Things season 2: here’s everything we know