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News and analysis for all things Facebook and Meta, its parent company.

The anatomy of a Facebook account heist

How Covid misinformation stayed one step ahead of Facebook

The Biden administration is allowed to talk to social media platforms again — for now

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The ad industry is going all-in on AI

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What will stop AI from flooding the internet with fake images?

Meta’s lingering layoffs enter their next phase

Fox News won. Dominion won. The rest of us lost.

Layoffs are bad for business

Leaked memo: Meta executive warns employees they’re still “at the whim of Apple”

It’s official. Trump is back on Facebook and Instagram.

The AI boom is here, and so are the lawsuits

Your favorite tech giant wants you to know it’s a startup again

Are we too worried about misinformation?

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What Meta employees really think about their company’s brutal year

Recode obtained a recording of a Mark Zuckerberg Q&A and internal survey results that show how Meta’s struggles are impacting staff.

Big Tech’s Big Flops of 2022

Meta is facing the test of its lifetime

Stop taking billionaires at their word

Silicon Valley layoffs aren’t just a cost-cutting measure. They’re a culture reset.

NASA’s rules for astronaut posting: No TikTok, don’t embarrass us

Silicon Valley layoffs are a reminder that your job won’t love you back

The Big Tech boom is over and Wall Street knows it

Silicon Valley is starting to cave to European regulators

The $1,500 ticket to Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse

Legs are finally coming to Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse

 The mysterious ad slump of 2022

“The party is over”: How Meta and Google are using recession fears to clean house

Who owns what in Big Media today

Meta hasn’t “really learned the right lesson,” whistleblower Frances Haugen says

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s biggest bet

Where we’re spending our screentime, in 3 charts

How India runs on WhatsApp

Why is Meta’s new AI chatbot so bad?

This is Facebook’s plan to be cool again

How Trump changed Facebook

How Facebook helped Axios sell for $500 million

Instagram is once again in its flop era

The Facebookification of Instagram

How the “Move Fast” era of Facebook led to one of its biggest scandals

How the News Feed turned Facebook into a juggernaut

The inside story at Meta as it moves beyond Facebook

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