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The FTC’s antitrust case against Facebook is going forward after all

To catch an insurrectionist

Big Tech’s employees are one of the biggest checks on its power

Facebook still won’t give up Instagram for Kids

The case against Big Tech

Real estate has gone meta

Twitter is again losing Jack Dorsey, its multitasking, wizard-bearded visionary

Why you should care about Facebook’s big push into the metaverse

Facebook’s freaky new glove

Facebook is quietly buying up the metaverse

Facebook is backing away from facial recognition. Meta isn’t.

Facebook is now Meta, but it’s not quite a metamorphosis

Wall Street doesn’t care about the Facebook leaks. Mark Zuckerberg does.

Facebook’s name change plan reflects its real priorities

Facebook is having a Big Oil moment

Facebook’s whistleblower tells Congress how to regulate tech

Why this Facebook scandal is different

It’s getting harder for people to believe that Facebook is a net good for society

Never going back to the office? Facebook has an app for that.

How Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are handling the Taliban

Why no one knows how bad Facebook’s vaccine misinformation problem is

“People do not trust that Facebook is a healthy ecosystem”

Google and Facebook lead the way with Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Will corporate America follow?

A new bill would hold Facebook responsible for Covid-19 vaccine misinformation

Facebook wants creators, but YouTube is paying creators much, much more

Racist trolls attacked England’s soccer team. Fans fought back.

Trump’s lawsuits against Big Tech are just another fundraising tool

Trump’s lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter, and Google will probably go nowhere

Trump is nowhere to be found on the Twitter clone his former spokesperson launched

Florida’s social media free speech law has been blocked for likely violating free speech laws

How big business exploits small business

Big Tech has a battle ahead over antitrust regulation — and it’s going to get messy

The problem with Facebook’s attempt to be more like Nextdoor

What Facebook’s two-year Trump ban does and doesn’t do

What you need to know about the House’s opening bid to rein in Big Tech

Why you can’t write for Bulletin, Facebook’s new Substack clone

Facebook’s empty promise of hiding “Likes”

Seems like everyone hates Instagram for kids

Facebook will push you to read articles before you share them

Here’s just how much people have stopped talking about Trump on Facebook and Twitter

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