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The Ezra Klein Show

The Ezra Klein Show gives you a chance to get inside the heads of the newsmakers and power players in politics and media. You can listen to it, and more Vox podcasts, here.

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George Will makes the conservative case against democracy

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Alison Gopnik changed how I think about love

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Michael Lewis reads my mind

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How the brains of master meditators change

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Jenny Odell and the art of attention

Pete Buttigieg explains his theory of political change

Ending the age of animal cruelty

The 9 podcast interviews I learned the most from in 2018

13 of Vox’s best podcast episodes of 2018

What Nate Silver’s learned about forecasting elections

Is the media making American politics worse?

Patrick Deneen recommends 3 books on the failure of liberalism

Francis Fukuyama recommends 2 books on tribalism in politics

Carol Anderson recommends 4 books on America’s broken political system

Martha C. Nussbaum recommends 3 books about her political heroes

David French recommends books on partisanship, identity politics, and interplanetary civil war

Anand Giridharadas on the elite charade of changing the world

Chris Bailey recommends 3 books on getting the most out of your time

11 podcast episodes to broaden your mind over Labor Day weekend

N.K. Jemisin recommends stories from fellow groundbreaking sci-fi authors

Andrew Yang recommends 3 books on why the economy is failing Americans — and how to fix it

Marcus Samuelsson recommends 3 books on his 2 great loves: soccer and cooking

Zeynep Tufekci recommends 3 books on how technology shapes us

Sam Rosenfeld recommends 3 books on the history of American political polarization

Dani Rodrik recommends 3 books on the problems of globalism

Arthur Brooks recommends 3 books that challenged him to be better

Dahlia Lithwick has been covering the Supreme Court for 20 years. She recommends one book about voter suppression.

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America’s racial future is California’s present

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on governing a changing America.

Eric Garcetti will probably run for president in 2020. His book recommendations from the Ezra Klein Show reflect it.

Ellen Pao recommends 3 books about race, resistance, and being an outsider

Vegan activist Melanie Joy recommends 3 books on why we eat animals

The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer recommends 3 books about money and American politics

Mehrsa Baradaran loves giving book recommendations

Tyler Cowen recommends “a pile of books” on The Ezra Klein Show

Michael Pollan recommends 4 books that will change the way you think about your brain

Jim and Deborah Fallows recommend 6 books that depict “the heart of America”

The New York Times’s lead Clinton reporter recommends campaign reads for political junkies

4 books that will change the way you think about identity politics

5 books making the case that American democracy is in trouble

Johann Hari recommends 4 books on the state of mental health in America