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Title 42, the controversial Trump-era border policy, explained

How much longer can Google own the internet?

Why the FDA rejected fluvoxamine as a Covid-19 drug

The US just deepened its commitment to Ukraine by $40 billion

The developing Covid crisis in Beijing, explained

The air conditioning paradox

Finland and Sweden’s historic NATO bids, explained

The staggering amount of US military aid to Ukraine, explained in one chart

Crypto believers insist this is all worth it. Is it?

Lebanon is in political crisis. Sunday’s elections won’t change that.

Why Sri Lanka’s new PM isn’t the change the country needs

A nurse was just sentenced to 3 years of probation for a lethal medical error

The killing of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, explained

Biden’s American Rescue Plan worsened inflation. The question is how much.

Three unlikely but not totally impossible paths toward restoring Roe’s protections

The first spot in the Democrats’ presidential nominating calendar is up for grabs

The stock market’s panicking, but you don’t have to

The extraordinary heat wave in India and Pakistan, explained

Why unions are growing and shrinking at the same time

Smallpox used to kill millions of people every year. Here’s how humans beat it.

Can we stop the next pandemic by seeking out deadly viruses in the wild?

This is what we need to invent to fight climate change

Abortion has been treated as a fringe issue by Democrats for decades. This is the result.

The horrific bird flu that’s wiped out 36 million chickens and turkeys, explained

Are sanctions against Russia working?

How anti-abortion activists may have won the Supreme Court

4 things we know, and one big thing we don’t, on the draft opinion overruling Roe v. Wade

America is trying to fix the chip shortage one factory at a time

Was Russia’s decision to cut off natural gas exports a mistake?

The economic crisis in Sri Lanka, explained

Can the expanded child tax credit come back from the dead?

Why Republicans are favored to win the Senate — and how Democrats could stop them

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is fracturing the delicate peace in the Arctic

The difference you make when you eat less meat

The right’s moral panic over “grooming” invokes age-old homophobia

THC, in every snack you can think of

Why it’s so damn hard to make AI fair and unbiased

The hydrogen energy dream

The daunting task of making cryptocurrency climate-friendly

Will new weapons shipments change the war for Ukraine?

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