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Trump’s China strategy is the most radical in decades — and it’s failing

"The administration diagnosed the right problem, but it came up with the wrong remedy."

How cauliflower took over your pizza, your kitchen, and the world

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The Hunt for the Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold, explained

Mark Judge, the other man named in Christine Ford’s Brett Kavanaugh allegations, explained

Race was the biggest factor in 2016 — but economics is still Democrats’ winning message

Donald Trump Jr.’s Anderson Cooper hurricane conspiracy theory, explained

The 10 most important Senate elections, briefly explained

DC voters raised the minimum wage for restaurant servers. City lawmakers are ready to cancel it.

The “natural” beauty industry is on the rise because we’re scared of chemicals

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The sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, explained

What "Ouija" actually means, and how the game has changed

8 more states have launched investigations into clerical abuse since the Pennsylvania report

Sperm counts are falling. This isn’t the reproductive apocalypse — yet.

Soon-Yi Previn’s controversial new interview about Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, explained

Donald Trump vs. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, explained

The controversy around a black man killed by police in his own home, explained

Paul Manafort’s flip is a major turning point in the Mueller investigation

What one pastor’s anti-Nike protest says about religion and nationalism in America

The Supreme Court’s drastic shift to the right, cartoonsplained

Here’s why it’s so hard to make a NAFTA deal

Poland is pushing the EU into crisis

Planned Parenthood’s new president has seen what the end of Roe might look like

Why New York City voters rolls were missing names again, explained

2 gonzo ideas for slowing down a hurricane that might actually work

It happened there: how democracy died in Hungary

A new kind of authoritarianism is taking root in Europe — and there are warning signs for America.

How much would the iPhone cost if it were made in America?

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Students are waging war on sexist and racist school dress codes — and they’re winning

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Every New York state primary race you need to know about, briefly explained

Congress is on the verge of a bipartisan opioid package. But experts have big concerns.

Facebook blocked the spread of a liberal article because a conservative told it to

The push to make Botox as common as getting a blowout

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Why Susan Collins claims she’s being bribed over her Kavanaugh vote

The controversy over Bernie Sanders’s proposed Stop BEZOS Act, explained

The Rhode Island governor’s race, the left’s next chance for an upset, explained

Antarctica has lost 2.71 trillion tons of ice. Here’s what that looks like.

All the ice that melted at the South Pole in the past 25 years, visualized with swimming pools.

Bob Woodward’s new book on the Trump administration, explained

The fall of “anti-aging” skin care

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Serena Williams’s US Open fight with an umpire, explained

The electric scooter boom, explained

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Inside Pedialyte’s journey from toddler flu remedy to hangover fix

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