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We live in a world of too much information and too little context. Too much noise and too little insight. That's where Vox's explainers come in.

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America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

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Rizz, the word of the year, explained

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Alex Murdaugh stands guilty of killing his wife and son. That’s just scratching the surface.

Why Diet Coke got so expensive

The new Trump judge revolt against the Voting Rights Act, explained

The Supreme Court case seeking to shut down wealth taxes before they even exist

Want to donate to charity? Here are 10 guidelines for giving effectively.

Giving Tuesday, explained

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The many, many times Israelis and Palestinians tried to make peace — and failed

A Supreme Court case about stocks could help make Trump’s authoritarian dreams reality

The controversy over TikTok and Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America,” explained

The Supreme Court’s new ethics code is a joke

The House Israel aid bill is a reminder that Trump-aligned Republicans are now in charge

The Supreme Court must decide if it wants to own Twitter

Five Nights at Freddy’s, the cult horror game turned movie, explained 

The horrifying, nearly forgotten history behind Killers of the Flower Moon

Why Biden’s multibillion-dollar bet on hydrogen energy is such a big deal

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El Niño is nowhere near done wreaking havoc on the world’s weather

We know where the next big earthquakes will happen — but not when

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Hamas, the militant group that attacked Israel, explained

The Supreme Court’s new term will be dominated by dangerous and incoherent lawsuits

Why your $7 latte is $7

The Supreme Court showdown over social media “censorship,” explained

A Supreme Court case about hotel websites could blow up much of US civil rights law

A new Supreme Court case could trigger a second Great Depression

The Supreme Court will decide if Alabama can openly defy its decisions

Sound of Freedom wants to raise awareness about child trafficking. Here’s what it’s really doing.

The true story of the fake unboxed aliens is wilder than actual aliens

Why are so many useless cold medicines littering pharmacy shelves?

The human feet that routinely wash ashore in the Pacific Northwest, explained

The 4 criminal investigations into Donald Trump, explained

The Supreme Court just handed gun groups a rare defeat

The Long Island serial killer case may finally be solved — but many questions remain

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Lessons from a Barbenheimer summer

A Democratic governor in Mississippi? It could happen.

The Chosen, the Christian megahit about Jesus, explained

How strong are the newest criminal charges against Donald Trump?

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The AI rules that US policymakers are considering, explained

Lori Vallow’s unthinkable series of murders leads to life without parole

What’s new in the new indictment against Donald Trump?

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The surprisingly subtle recipe making heat waves worse

How Alabama could get away with defying the Supreme Court

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The invisible consequences of heat on the body and mind