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Helping people live better lives individually and collectively — from mental health to relationships of all kinds to work, money, and more.

How to figure out what you want out of life

How to get your elected officials to listen to you

Cookie pop-ups have taken over the internet. Here’s how to stop them.

How to (actually) stay friends with an ex

The beginner’s guide to running

Want to be happy? Don’t follow your gut.

How to nourish yourself in a difficult time

You’re being tracked through your email. Here’s how to stop it.

How to set boundaries when your family sides with your ex

What to do when your side hustle becomes a drag

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The introvert’s guide to actually enjoying a party

It’s all about managing your social battery.

What if your financial future wasn’t stressful? 

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How to make small talk when you hate small talk

In defense of the much-maligned conversational form.

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So you want to end a friendship. Here’s what to consider.

Platonic breakups can be just as painful as romantic ones.

Setting boundaries is more than just saying “no”

You don’t need to look perfect to work out

It’s probably time to clean your filters

How to define success on your own terms

It’s okay to be envious. It can even be a good thing.

An end-of-life doula’s advice on how to make the most of your time on earth

New to activism? Here’s where to start.

Should you get another Covid-19 vaccine booster now or wait for the new shots?

The stock market can be an emotional roller coaster. It shouldn’t be.

Self-compassion makes you a better person. Here’s how to practice it.

You still need to tell your friends if you get Covid

Living with roommates doesn’t have to suck

Climate fixes are all aimed at property owners. What about renters?

How to fall back in love with reading

What you need to know about birth control post-Roe

The case for caring less

How to admit you’re wrong

Preparing for extreme weather is a community concern. Here’s how to be ready.

How to be a little less judgmental

How to date when it feels like everyone forgot how to date 

Go ahead, be a little spontaneous

Anyone can fall for online scams — even you. Here’s how to avoid them.

Moving to a new city solo can be less lonely than you think

It’s important to talk to kids about abortion. Here’s how.

Emotional exhaustion is real. Your friendships don’t need to suffer.

Yes, you should test for Covid before going to a gathering