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Episode of the Week

Every episode we've chosen as the Episode of the Week. Check out the archive here.

Disney+’s Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, is a triumph of atmosphere — and little else

Mr. Robot’s final season is a brilliant argument for the show’s ongoing relevance

CBS’s Evil is one of TV’s wildest shows, disguised as a network procedural

How El Camino captures what Breaking Bad did best

Fox’s Almost Family aims to build a quirky family dramedy around medical rape

ABC’s Stumptown is the scuzzy private-eye show we need right now

American Horror Story: 1984 puts the camp back into teen slashers

How Netflix’s Unbelievable turns a true story about rape into challenging, must-watch TV

Football is perfectly calibrated to TV. So what happens now that live TV is fading?

Bristling with nerdy energy, Alton Brown’s Good Eats is back — and not a moment too soon

How FX’s Pose captures the power of queer found families

This one scene explains what makes Netflix’s Mindhunter so scary

Why Euphoria’s messy season finale could mean great things for the show’s future

HBO’s Years and Years immerses us in our soon-to-be dystopia. Until it chickens out.

Starz’s The Rook is formulaic to a fault — but it has one storyline unlike anything else

CNN’s debate draft special shows cable news has learned nothing from 2016

Younger is a great show. One of its love interests, not so much.

Stranger Things 3 cements the show as the YA series of our age. For better and worse.

HBO’s Los Espookys is tremendously funny and even more weird

HBO’s Euphoria is two shows in one. One is bad. The other could be good.

The Bold Type’s giant shock: finally showing what it’s like to work in media

Chernobyl’s stellar finale makes a case for the show as science fiction

Ava DuVernay uses real history to damn the present in Netflix’s When They See Us

How do All in the Family and The Jeffersons translate to 2019? Surprisingly well.

How the Veep series finale offered (a little) hope for America in 2019

Fosse/Verdon’s latest episode is key to unlocking this fascinating, flawed miniseries

HBO’s Barry traces a hit gone wrong in an episode unlike anything else on TV

Netflix’s wonderful Street Food focuses on the human aspect of ordinary food

The Magicians’ season 4 finale was frustrating and maybe irresponsible. I kinda loved it.

Billions has turned into one of TV’s most ruthlessly entertaining shows

You’re the Worst’s finale was the perfect — and perfectly ambitious — sitcom ending

How Jane the Virgin’s giant twist sets up the show’s endgame

Hulu’s The Act is hard to watch. That’s the point.

Catastrophe’s final scene is perfect

Comedy Central’s Corporate brilliantly satirizes living in an era of constant tragedy

Sitcoms usually get meaner as they get older. Not Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The Magicians paid off 74 years of queer subtext this week

Standup comedy’s debate over political correctness, explained by HBO’s Crashing

Arrow, a show about vigilante justice, used its 150th episode to argue that vigilantes are bad

The Other Two might be the first comedy about millennials feeling old and obsolete