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We must burn the West to save it

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Undersea volcanoes are home to more life than we know

Yet the threats these castles of biodiversity face are mounting.

Seashells changed the world. Now they’re teaching us about the future of the oceans.

Elon Musk wants to dig a tunnel in Florida. What could go wrong?

One of Canada’s top climate officials is trying to save the planet — by leaving government

Animals are shrinking. Blame climate change.

The US power grid isn’t ready for climate change

How to redesign cities to withstand heat waves

The surprisingly subtle recipe making heat waves worse

Animals can navigate by starlight. Here’s how we know.

6 crucial climate actions the Senate left out of its infrastructure deal

A European butterfly bonanza starts with caterpillars 4,000 miles away

How Indigenous memories can help save species from extinction

Democrats think now is their last, best chance to pass a big climate bill

The weird argument that offshore oil is good for the climate, debunked

How your power company can remotely control your smart thermostat

Salamanders have a secret to surviving climate change

What’s with these invasive “crazy” worms and why can’t we get rid of them?

The West has all the ingredients for another terrible wildfire season

“Back to normal” puts us back on the path to climate catastrophe

Biden plans to reverse Trump’s Alaska policy. Here’s why it matters.

The controversy over Bill Gates becoming the largest private farmland owner in the US

Indigenous people are the world’s biggest conservationists, but they rarely get credit for it

The Keystone XL pipeline is dead. But the fight against similar projects is far from over.

The FBI recovered most of Colonial Pipeline’s ransom, but the ransomware threat remains

The fastest way to get more people to buy electric vehicles

The far right is weaponizing climate change to argue against immigration

The smartest way to finance clean energy that you’ve never heard of

There’s a ticking climate time bomb in West Texas

Where could the next coronavirus jump to humans? New research offers clues.

Why Big Oil should be worried after a day of reckoning

These frogs need poison to survive. Humans are messing with their supply.

These dogs, birds, and squirrels are stuffing their faces with Brood X cicadas

The new Ford F-150 is not the electric vehicle we’ve been waiting for

Why the US won’t join the single most important treaty to protect nature

These eerie, glowing clouds keep appearing more often

Scientists aren’t sure what will happen to clouds as the planet warms

What the cicadas will leave behind

ExxonMobil wants you to feel responsible for climate change so it doesn’t have to

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The right-wing effort to derail Biden’s conservation plan

A small but vocal opposition could obstruct an initiative to conserve 30 percent of US land by 2030.