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Energy & Environment

Vox's coverage of climate change, renewable energy, conservation, and other environmental issues

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How to save the planet from the largest vehicles on Earth

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The hydrogen energy dream

Tech Support: Solutions for a warming world

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One Good Thing: An unsolicited dik-dik pic

What’s really holding the world back from stopping climate change

How Black North Carolinians pay the price for the world’s cheap bacon

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The biggest funder of anti-nuclear war programs is taking its money away

Why we still don’t yet know how bad climate migration will get

Growing up Maasai and the art of healing the Earth

Animal sounds are a marvel of evolution. We can’t afford to drown them out.

How high can gas prices go?

The bizarre deep-sea creatures living on the Endurance shipwreck

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The troubling link between electric cars and ... flamingos?

The loss of insects is an apocalypse worth worrying about

America can’t solve its gas price problem (or its Russia problem) with drilling

Oops, cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch was probably a bad idea

Why climate solutions will fail without the help of social scientists

5 signs of how climate change is unraveling Earth’s ecosystems

The Supreme Court appears eager to gut the EPA, but can’t figure out how to do it

Climate change is already making parts of the world unlivable

Scientists are recruiting elephant seals to eavesdrop on whales

These tiny succulent plants are being poached by the thousands

The absurd Supreme Court case that could gut the EPA

The hidden melting of the most important ice on Earth, explained

How to clear the air in the most polluted cities on Earth

The mystery of methane gone missing

Why electric vehicles are so hot in the 2022 Super Bowl ads

The bad news about your avocado habit

How gray wolves divided America

Artificial snow is nothing like the real stuff

The end of natural gas has to start with its name

The manatees are starving

Understanding is critical

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