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Watch clean energy costs fall, in one chart

The Department of Energy just released Revolution Now, an annual update on its progress in accelerating clean energy. Specifically, it focuses on advances in five technologies: wind power, utility-scale solar power, distributed solar power, electric vehicles, and LEDs.

DOE has also reduced the report to a "six charts" post. However, we here at Vox understand that you, the modern media consumer, are a busy person, with many intriguing Facebook links to click while you pretend to work. You don’t have time to go scrolling and wading through six whole graphs like you’re on holiday or something.

Have no fear. I have taken the report, with all its tedious numbers and facts, and selected from it a single graph that tells you Everything You Need to Know*.

Here it is:

doe clean energy graph (DOE)

Since Obama entered office, these key technologies have dropped in cost between 41 and 94 percent.

Innovation in clean technology has come as a result of a concerted and diverse policy effort, from advanced research to tax credits, loans, pollution regulations, prizes and awards, and performance standards.

The bulk of the policy effort has come in blue states and at the federal executive level. (At least after 2010, the GOP Congress refused Obama any legislative help, on anything.)

Whether the federal side of that policy effort will continue depends on who is elected president in November.

Happy Friday!

*Not actually everything you need to know.