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Energy & Environment

Steve Irwin said, “My mission ... is to save wildlife.” He did.

Playing hooky to save the climate: why students are going on strike

Trump’s pick to chair new climate panel once said CO2 has been maligned like “Jews under Hitler”

We have a new global tally of the insect apocalypse. It’s alarming.

Mudslides, snow, and flash floods: an atmospheric river has soaked California

California has 149 million dead trees ready to ignite like a matchbook

No, the Green New Deal won’t threaten the grid

A California coalition is tackling one of the hardest, unsexiest parts of climate policy

America’s trains are a drag. The Green New Deal wants to fix that.

Why Mitch McConnell is holding a vote on the Green New Deal

Watch how the climate could change in these US cities by 2050

There’s now an official Green New Deal. Here’s what’s in it.

The Green New Deal, explained

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2018 was one of the hottest years ever

How Antarctica’s melting ice could change weather around the world

3 key lessons from the disasters that hammered the US in 2018

Climate change was the subtext of the State of the Union. It should’ve been the headline.

The magnetic North Pole is quickly moving toward Siberia — and no one knows why

These governors are showing what happens when you campaign on climate action and win

The ecological disaster that is Trump’s border wall: a visual guide

A brief guide to David Bernhardt, Ryan Zinke’s replacement at the Interior Department

Watch Ellen Page’s impassioned speech on climate change, racism, and the Trump administration

The polar vortex is showing people just how poorly insulated their homes are

It’s outrageously cold in Michigan! Why is the governor asking people to turn down their heat?

The surprising science of why ice is so slippery

The Midwest is facing record-breaking cold. Blame the polar vortex.

What -20° looks like in the polar vortex across the Midwest

Making cities more dense always sparks resistance. Here’s how to overcome it.

The polar vortex is bringing life-threatening wind chills. But are cold snaps deadlier than heat waves?

Winters are warming faster than summers. These US cities could lose weeks of freezing days by 2050.

The dire consequences of having fewer days below freezing, explained.

California’s largest utility just declared bankruptcy. Hello, climate change.

Trump used the polar vortex to mock global warming. This map shows how wrong he is.

The case for “conditional optimism” on climate change

Americans are worried about climate change — but don’t want to pay much to fix it

The Ford F-150, America’s most American pickup truck, is going electric

Big brands like Häagen-Dazs and Tide are testing reusable packaging

The hidden costs of the government shutdown

Climate change policy can be overwhelming. Here’s a guide to the ideas that work.

The way we eat could doom us as a species. Here’s a new diet designed to save us.