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Energy & Environment

Vox's coverage of climate change, renewable energy, conservation, and other environmental issues

The GOP’s climate change dilemma

The fish tube is more than a meme. It could help save ecosystems.

The Endangered Species Act is incredibly popular and effective. Trump is weakening it anyway.

Colorado’s most powerful climate tool isn’t what you think

Getting to 100% renewables requires cheap energy storage. But how cheap?

4 ways to be smarter about land use to fight climate change

We regret to inform you that scooters aren’t actually good for the environment

Report: we have to change how we eat and grow food to fight climate change

This website shows you exactly how guilty you should feel about flying

Using electricity at different times of day could save us billions of dollars

Why Jay Inslee picked a fight with Joe Biden on climate change

Air travel is a huge contributor to climate change. A new global movement wants you to be ashamed to fly.

“That is kindergarten”: Cory Booker says rejoining the Paris climate agreement is not enough

2020 Democrats are getting more confrontational with the fossil fuel industry

“No permanent friends, no permanent enemies”: inside the Sunrise Movement’s plan to save humanity

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How 2020 Democrats plan to fight climate change

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Elizabeth Warren thinks corruption is why the US hasn’t acted on climate change

Car companies’ surprising deal with California on environmental rules, explained

The 4 best ideas from Jay Inslee’s new climate justice plan


Why the US has so many tornadoes

Ohio just passed the worst energy bill of the 21st century

108 degrees in Paris: Europe is shattering heat records this week

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Kirsten Gillibrand wants the fossil fuel industry to pay for climate damages

New York just passed the most ambitious climate target in the country

The worst part of a heat wave is when it doesn’t cool off at night

Why 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang doesn’t want to break up Google

America is warming fast. See how your city’s weather will be different in just one generation.

Here’s how much the winters and summers in the city closest to you may change in about 30 years.

Why Barry dropped much less rain on the Gulf coast than forecasters expected

Louisiana may get hit by a hurricane this weekend. New Orleans is already flooded.

The climate change policy with the most potential is the most neglected

Bernie Sanders and AOC want Congress to declare a national emergency over climate change

Coal left Appalachia devastated. Now it’s doing the same to Wyoming.

Restoring forests may be one of our most powerful weapons in fighting climate change

Scientists found a seaweed patch stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to Africa

We might get a climate debate after all. Here are 10 questions to ask candidates.

Cities are beginning to own up to the climate impacts of what they consume

Oregon Republicans to return after a week-long walkout to block a climate bill

Is climate change an “existential threat” — or just a catastrophic one?

113 degrees in France: why Europe is so vulnerable to extreme heat

Climate change got just 15 minutes out of 4 hours of Democratic debates