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Energy & Environment

Vox's coverage of climate change, renewable energy, conservation, and other environmental issues

Scientists fear the Western wildfires could lead to long-term lung damage

How affluent people can end their mindless overconsumption

Noam Chomsky’s Green New Deal

What wildfires in Brazil, Siberia, and the US West have in common

Want to fight climate change effectively? Here’s where to donate your money.

4 astonishing signs of coal’s declining economic viability

We have to accelerate clean energy innovation to curb the climate crisis. Here’s how.

“Unprecedented”: What’s behind the California, Oregon, and Washington wildfires

A new California law will help inmate firefighters join fire departments upon release

What’s causing climate change, in 10 charts

California’s recurring wildfire problem, explained


How America can leave fossil fuels behind

The orange skies and smoky air from Western wildfires, explained

Big Oil’s hopes are pinned on plastics. It won’t end well.

The US South could save money by cleaning up its power grid

2020’s “extremely active” hurricane season, explained

Tropical Storm Laura’s flooding and other impacts on the ground: What we know

How to decarbonize America — and create 25 million jobs

Hurricane Laura: The danger of storm surge, explained

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A second Trump term would mean severe and irreversible changes in the climate

Hurricane Laura hits Gulf Coast as an “extremely dangerous” storm

What makes California’s current major wildfires so unusual

Senate Democrats want to build a climate coalition that can take on the Kochs

What happens to the Supreme Court (and the Constitution) if Trump wins

Democrats have made a puzzling decision to drop their demand to end fossil fuel subsidies

A simpler, more useful way to tax carbon

California’s heat wave caused rolling blackouts for millions

Air pollution is much worse than we thought


The global coffee crisis is coming

Jeff Bezos offers a clue to his $10 billion climate change strategy

How to drive fossil fuels out of the US economy, quickly

Scientists have backed away from the worst-case climate scenario — and the best one too

Microsoft’s astonishing climate change goals, explained

An FBI investigation shows Ohio’s abysmal energy law was fueled by corruption

Why the next president should establish a Department of Climate

Nuclear power has been top-down and hierarchical. These women want to change that.

The entire world’s carbon emissions will finally be trackable in real time

Joe Biden has a chance to make history on climate change

Why scientists are so worried about this glacier

Many technologies needed to solve the climate crisis are nowhere near ready