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Vox's coverage of climate change, renewable energy, conservation, and other environmental issues

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The Midwest floods are going to get much, much worse

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Playing hooky to save the climate: why students are striking on March 15

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A “bomb cyclone” is bringing hurricane-force winds and blizzard to the Great Plains

We need to talk about the ethics of having children in a warming world

What would it take to blow up an asteroid? The force of 10 million atomic bombs.

An Illinois bill leans into the most contentious part of the Green New Deal

Europe’s renewable energy policy is built on burning American trees

Meet the first Democrat running for president on climate change

Jay Inslee just launched a presidential campaign that will be all about climate change

The Senate just confirmed a former coal lobbyist to lead the EPA

How Trump’s EPA is letting environmental criminals off the hook, in one chart

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It is absolutely time to panic about climate change

The Green New Deal, explained

This is an emergency, damn it

Pay attention to the growing wave of climate change lawsuits

Steve Irwin said, “My mission ... is to save wildlife.” He did.

Trump’s pick to chair new climate panel once said CO2 has been maligned like “Jews under Hitler”

We have a new global tally of the insect apocalypse. It’s alarming.

Mudslides, snow, and flash floods: an atmospheric river has soaked California

California has 149 million dead trees ready to ignite like a matchbook

No, the Green New Deal won’t threaten the grid

A California coalition is tackling one of the hardest, unsexiest parts of climate policy

America’s trains are a drag. The Green New Deal wants to fix that.

Why Mitch McConnell is holding a vote on the Green New Deal

Watch how the climate could change in these US cities by 2050

There’s now an official Green New Deal. Here’s what’s in it.

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2018 was one of the hottest years ever