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Energy & Environment

Hurricane Florence catastrophic flooding, rescues, and deaths: what we know

Utilities have a problem: the public wants 100% renewable energy, and quick

Hurricane Florence: where you can donate to help with disaster relief and recovery

Why hurricanes are expected to dump more rain in a warming world

FEMA has radically underestimated how vulnerable Americans are to flooding

Why some people never evacuate during a hurricane, according to a psychologist

What bison in South Dakota can teach us about fighting climate change

Hurricane Florence: the danger of storm surge, explained

2 gonzo ideas for slowing down a hurricane that might actually work

Hurricane Florence will slow down. That’s a bad thing.

Hurricane Florence: where the storm is and where it’s heading

The psychology behind the pre-hurricane run to the grocery store

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California Gov. Jerry Brown casually unveils history’s most ambitious climate target

Hurricane Florence: what we know about the storm heading for the Carolinas

Antarctica has lost 2.71 trillion tons of ice. Here’s what that looks like.

All the ice that melted at the South Pole in the past 25 years, visualized with swimming pools.

California just adopted its boldest energy target yet: 100% clean electricity

Electric scooters’ sudden invasion of American cities, explained

California’s wildfires are hardly “natural” — humans made them worse at every step

Hurricane season 2018: what scientists are predicting

We could shift to sustainability and save $26 trillion. Why aren’t we doing it?

EPA watchdog: turns out Scott Pruitt didn’t need 20 security guards

When and where fall foliage colors will peak, in one map

California has 129 million dead trees. That’s a huge wildfire risk.

Why Florida’s red tide is killing fish, manatees, and turtles

Lab-grown meat and the fight over what it can be called, explained

Trump’s continued indolent response to Hurricane Maria is our worst fears about him come true

Solar on water, robots, and 2-sided panels, oh my: solar tech’s near future

Solar power’s greatest challenge was discovered 10 years ago. It looks like a duck.

Walkable urban areas can become playgrounds for the rich. Is there any way to prevent that?

The big problem with the animal crackers “cage free” box redesign

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Hurricane Lane weakens to a tropical storm as heavy winds and rain continue

The 6 things you most need to know about Trump’s new climate plan

Hawaii is facing a rare threat: a major hurricane

California’s huge energy decision: link its grid to its neighbors, or stay autonomous? 

The state must decide how jealously to guard its clean energy progress.

Breathing Seattle’s air right now is like smoking 7 cigarettes. Blame wildfires.

EPA analysis of its own new climate proposal: thousands of people will die

Ryan Zinke’s claim that “environmental terrorists” are to blame for wildfires, explained

The EPA refuted its own bizarre justification for rolling back fuel efficiency standards

Rick Perry tells the truth about energy subsidies, contradicting his boss

It took 11 months to restore power to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. A similar crisis could happen again.