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Emerging Tech

Impossible Foods makes fake meat burgers with plant blood (and they’re actually not bad)

What a venture capitalist sees in the virtual and augmented reality market

Google’s X is flying its internet balloons over Yellowstone

Microsoft is using the brainpower of its legendary research unit in an artificial intelligence push

Why Uber has to be first to market with self-driving cars

Google, Facebook, Amazon and others have teamed up to make AI seem less creepy

DJI’s new portable drone is so smart it will follow you around like a dog

Why aren’t people freaking out about glasses that watch everything you do, all the time?

Snapchat’s camcorder goggles are creepy cool and kind of brilliant

Cash isn’t going away, but it will become digital

This is Karma, GoPro’s first drone

Apple’s AirPods: Blessed are the early adopters

As Uber’s robot cars hit the streets in Pittsburgh, the fears of its human drivers have become a reality

Amazon has solved the Echo’s echo problem

What the iPhone 7 tells us about the future of Apple

Tesla explains how its entire fleet is learning to be better self-driving cars together

The NFL is putting tracking sensors inside its footballs for the first time

Will immersive virtual reality be too much for kids and their parents?

Intel blew it on mobile. Now it's trying to avoid missing out on virtual reality.

Watson claims to predict cancer, but who trained it to ‘think?’

The head of Google’s Brain team is more worried about the lack of diversity in artificial intelligence than an AI apocalypse

Getty is using underwater robots and VR to make its Rio Olympics pictures stand out

Who is best positioned to build a smart home assistant?

The digital identity dilemma

Internet of Things strategies are going from general to specialized and vertical

The blockchain future is here. And it needs a few good names.

Drones from Google’s Alphabet will take flight soon. But can they outmatch Amazon?

Google's Alphabet is part of a $700 million effort to cure disease without meds

Self-driving cars, Fiber and Alphabet’s other non-Google moonshots lost $859 million this past quarter

What I saw at the SigGraph computer graphics fair

For only $30,000 you can build Facebook’s new camera to film 360-degree videos

Google wants to improve artificial intelligence to prevent robot screw-ups

Here comes 5G — but first, a reality check

Google has found a business model for its most advanced artificial intelligence

What is ARM and why is SoftBank spending $32 billion on it?

Digital advertisers should take a page from Snapchat’s playbook

Camera maker Light joins a long list of hardware startups to leave customers waiting

Are we about to enter a new ‘golden era’ in technology?

The rise of self-learning software

Why virtual reality matters

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