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Emerging Tech

Quantum computers could change the world — provided they can work

The future of 911 is a little bit creepy

NASA’s moon dust monopoly is finally ending

The neon shortage is a bad sign

Inheriting bitcoin is harder than it sounds

Why 5G is causing flight cancellations

New technologies are promising a shortcut to enlightenment

AI’s Islamophobia problem

The chip shortage is getting worse

Citizen, the controversial safety app, is ready to profit from its fear-based platform

People keep finding late loved ones on Google Maps

Is United’s green supersonic jet too good to be true?

The future of AI is being shaped right now. How should policymakers respond?

Elon Musk is one step closer to connecting a computer to your brain

The biggest lie tech people tell themselves — and the rest of us

The wrong US response to Russia and China may trigger a “new Cold War,” warns Stanford University’s Larry Diamond

This Austrian company is betting you’ll take a flying drone taxi. Really.

Full transcript: Chris Kirchhoff, formerly of the Pentagon’s Silicon Valley office, on Recode Decode

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Alastair Westgarth is the man with the internet balloons

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Daniela Perdomo helps you text when disaster strikes

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Bryan Johnson wants to put a chip in your brain

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Gwynne Shotwell is leading SpaceX’s efforts to become the future of commercial space travel

This is how tech can help us all survive a modern-day apocalypse

We have unrealistic expectations of a tech-driven future utopia

New corporate titans are rising faster than ever, but they’re also fading faster, too

Artificial intelligence can make America’s public sector great again

Nonprofits, not Silicon Valley startups, are creating AI apps for the greater good

You finally got your flying cars, and Stephen Colbert says they suck

We’ve seen so many scary movies about robots we can no longer be objective about them

Autonomous driving is here, and it’s going to change everything

Augmented reality can save the idea of 3-D experiences

What does it take to become a hologram? Just 41 cameras and a giant green screen.

The future of advanced-edge computing is actually in autonomous cars

You can control this robot with your mind

A breakthrough in Alphabet’s balloon-based internet project means it might actually work

This two-legged robot hopes to one day deliver packages to your front door

Voice-driven devices are much more than smartphones without a screen

The movie ‘Hidden Figures’ can teach us how to keep jobs in an AI future

Predicting the Top 10 tech developments for 2017

My wish list for what new products  Apple might release in 2017