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Emerging Tech

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How “windfall profits” from AI companies could fund a universal basic income

Please don’t turn to ChatGPT for moral advice. Yet.

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Finally, a realistic roadmap for getting AI companies in check

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AI is flooding the workplace, and workers love it

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What happens when ChatGPT starts to feed on its own writing?

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AI leaders (and Elon Musk) urge all labs to press pause on powerful AI

Can society adjust at the speed of artificial intelligence?

Your brain may not be private much longer

Here comes Bard, Google’s version of ChatGPT

The FAA is struggling. Who can save it?

5 unintended consequences of the EV revolution

Elon Musk’s Starlink is only the beginning

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What is generative AI, and why is it suddenly everywhere?

Big Tech’s Big Flops of 2022

The year EVs outgrew Tesla

NASA’s latest moon mission is the dawn of a new space age

AI is finally good at stuff, and that’s a problem

“Stealing customers’ money is a tale as old as time.”

Biden’s hugely consequential high-tech export ban on China, explained by an expert

TikTok won’t stop serving me horror and death

This next-generation video game requires a prescription

This year’s physics Nobel Prize went to pioneers in quantum tech. Here’s how their work could change the world.

It’s the end of the car as we know it

Airlines are trying to resurrect the Concorde era

The CHIPS Act won’t solve the chip shortage

We’re one step closer to robots doing all our housework

Now might be a good time to think about crypto insurance

The problem with schools turning to surveillance after mass shootings

The future of 911 is a little bit creepy

NASA’s moon dust monopoly is finally ending

The neon shortage is a bad sign

Inheriting bitcoin is harder than it sounds

Why 5G is causing flight cancellations

New technologies are promising a shortcut to enlightenment

AI’s Islamophobia problem

The chip shortage is getting worse

Citizen, the controversial safety app, is ready to profit from its fear-based platform

People keep finding late loved ones on Google Maps

The future of AI is being shaped right now. How should policymakers respond?

Elon Musk is one step closer to connecting a computer to your brain

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