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Analysis and reporting on America's schools, from kindergarten to college.

The incredible shrinking future of college

The legal fight that could kill Biden’s student debt relief plan, explained

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New Mexico just voted to make pre-K a universal right

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How education culture wars have shaped the midterms

The Supreme Court discovers that ending affirmative action is hard

Affirmative action is facing its most difficult test

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Beto O’Rourke can’t win without suburban women. They don’t seem sold.

Do we ask too much of parents?

Will student loan forgiveness make inflation worse?

Biden’s big new student loan forgiveness plan, explained

Are teachers leaving the classroom en masse?

School vaccine mandates for Covid-19 are not happening

How to help your teen think critically in a confusing world

School funding lawsuits are long, frustrating, and crucial for fighting inequality

The Supreme Court tears a new hole in the wall separating church and state

Actually, maybe don’t learn to code

“We’re expected to be human shields”: Teachers are unprotected — and scared

We just got the most comprehensive study of pandemic learning loss

The kids who have never known life without Covid-19

The problem with schools turning to surveillance after mass shootings

Are active shooter drills worth it?

Biden’s 3 choices on student loans

A new Supreme Court case makes George W. Bush look like a racial justice crusader

Teachers across the country are demanding better pay and support

In defense of pre-K

The case for a Black History Year

What is school for?

Retiring Justice Stephen Breyer’s nearly 28 years on the Supreme Court, explained

The future of New York City’s segregated “gifted” programs

America doesn’t have enough teachers to keep schools open

22 predictions we made in 2021, and the 13 we got right

The Supreme Court appears really eager to force taxpayers to fund religious education

Biden’s pre-K plan might not be as “universal” as he hopes

The uncertain future of free community college

A simple solution to endless school quarantines

Critical race theory bans are making teaching much harder

How safe is it for kids to go to school during delta?

Biden backs school districts in fight against GOP mask mandate bans

How free college became a perk for American workers

Anti-mask hysterics at Tennessee school board meeting show how basic public health is now polarizing