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Analysis and reporting on America's schools, from kindergarten to college.

The future of New York City’s segregated “gifted” programs

America doesn’t have enough teachers to keep schools open

22 predictions we made in 2021, and the 13 we got right

The Supreme Court appears really eager to force taxpayers to fund religious education

Biden’s pre-K plan might not be as “universal” as he hopes

The uncertain future of free community college

A simple solution to endless school quarantines

Critical race theory bans are making teaching much harder

How safe is it for kids to go to school during delta?

Biden backs school districts in fight against GOP mask mandate bans

How free college became a perk for American workers

Anti-mask hysterics at Tennessee school board meeting show how basic public health is now polarizing

It’s time to accept that school won’t be normal in the fall

Cops at the schoolyard gate

The best four years of your life?

Dropping out helped me see the lies we’re sold about the college experience.

Critical race theory hysteria overshadows the importance of teaching kids about racism

What the hysteria over critical race theory is really all about

The Supreme Court’s “cursing cheerleader” decision, explained

The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision on paying NCAA student-athletes, explained

The richest colleges didn’t need to cut their budgets in the pandemic — but they did

Is there an uncontroversial way to teach America’s racist history?

Is it time to rethink the value of college?

What American kids need this summer

The case for canceling student debt — all of it

The debate over how to handle kids’ “lost year” of learning

Andrew Cuomo and Google’s former CEO push to cap internet prices for low-income New Yorkers

5 reasons experts think kids will be in school full time this fall

The massive Republican push to ban trans athletes, explained

There are no easy answers on canceling student debt

From mental health to home-buying, there are myriad ways education loans can affect lives. That’s why it’s so difficult to find a one-size-fits-all solution, economists say.

Poll: 79 percent of parents want a return to in-person schooling

College students needed spring break for their mental health. Covid-19 took that away.

Betsy DeVos’s sexual assault rules have already hurt survivors

The Supreme Court case that could end affirmative action, explained

Poll: A majority of Americans think teachers should be vaccinated before reopening schools

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The future of the middle class depends on student loan forgiveness

Canceling debt is what’s needed to ensure a solid, equitable middle class.

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How school funding can help repair the legacy of segregation

America’s schools spend less money on Black students. Closing the gap is key to equality.

I’m an epidemiologist and a father. Here’s why I’m losing patience with our teachers’ unions.

Child care workers are getting left behind in the vaccine rollout

What it would really take to reopen American schools

Biden plans to fulfill his campaign pledge by choosing a teacher to lead the Department of Education

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