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War on Drugs

Chronicling changes to US drug policy, from marijuana legalization efforts to the fight against the opioid crisis.

Psychedelics can have enormous benefits, but the risks shouldn’t be ignored

What a striking new study of death in America misses

Marijuana could be classified as a lower-risk drug. Here’s what that means.

Is weed safe in pregnancy?

The psychedelic renaissance is at risk of missing the bigger picture

Mexico’s top cop is on trial along with the war on drugs

22 things we think will happen in 2022

A better way to legalize marijuana

The opioid epidemic isn’t unsolvable

Why we love drugs

The Olympics are stuck in the 1980s on marijuana

Marijuana legalization has won

Biden’s blunt opposition to marijuana legalization

New Mexico just legalized marijuana

Virginia just legalized marijuana

New York just legalized marijuana

A Columbia professor argues against our drug puritanism

Going back to the pre-Covid “normal” isn’t enough

Study: Smoking bans saved countless lives — could they have increased drunk driving?

The House of Representatives voted to legalize marijuana

America’s war on drugs has failed. Oregon is showing a way out.

Election Day was a major rejection of the war on drugs

Voters approve legal marijuana in South Dakota

Montana just voted to legalize marijuana

Oregon just voted to decriminalize all drugs

Arizona failed to legalize marijuana in 2016. But voters just did it in 2020.

6 ballot measures that could change the criminal justice system

Oregon’s ballot measure to decriminalize all drugs, explained

2020’s psychedelic drug ballot measures, explained

2020’s marijuana legalization ballot measures, explained

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The controversial 1994 crime law that Joe Biden helped write, explained

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Joe Biden’s criminal justice reform plan, explained

Coronavirus scammers are flooding social media with fake cures and tests

Virginia just decriminalized marijuana

Welcome to the world of craft weed

Virginia is poised to decriminalize marijuana

The rise in meth and cocaine overdoses, explained

Drug overdose deaths fell in 2018 — but were still near record highs

Marijuana legalization is about to have a huge year

AI can help find illegal opioid sellers online. And wildlife traffickers. And counterfeits.