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We want your feedback. Help Vox’s biodiversity reporting.

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The biodiversity crisis is separate but connected to the climate crisis. In addressing biodiversity, we have the opportunity to repair our climate.

That was a key theme during NYC’s Climate Week 2022 and the World Biodiversity Summit. Speakers joked that many struggle to define “biodiversity” — a term layered with scientific minutiae. ”Biodiversity” encompasses all flora and fauna, and the webs of ecosystems they live in, spanning time and space. There’s much in biodiversity that we don’t understand, and therefore don’t value.

Vox launched Down to Earth as devoted coverage of the biodiversity crisis, and its potential solutions, in 2021 with support from a grant provided by the BAND Foundation. Please provide your feedback on our reporting by taking our survey. This feedback will help our reporting going forward, and will be provided to the BAND Foundation as a measure of our work’s impact.

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