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Down to Earth

Down to Earth

The biodiversity crisis, explained

It’s not just Paris. There’s a “global resurgence” of bedbugs.

It’s clearer than ever that we’re pushing the Amazon rainforest to its dreaded demise

Scientists will unleash an army of crabs to help save Florida’s dying reef

Down to Earth, our project on the biodiversity crisis, explained

I visited a beautiful coral reef in 2022. What I saw there this summer shocked me.

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Florida has become a zoo. A literal zoo.

America’s most iconic coral reef is dying. Only one thing will save it.

How cars ruin wild animals’ lives

Rethinking the war on invasive species

How sharks avoid the wrath of an extreme hurricane

New York’s shark-infested waters are a good thing. Yes, really.

This beetle’s sex is on fire. Literally.

The ingenious tricks animals use to survive wildfires

Birds have co-opted our anti-bird weapons in a genius counterattack

Yes, bird flu is a threat. It’s time to take it seriously.

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Beavers are heat wave heroes

The alarming decline of Earth’s forests, in 4 charts

The savage bug-eating plants of New Jersey

Finally, a solution to plastic pollution that’s not just recycling

In defense of flies. Yes, really.

America’s best idea to protect its oceans has one big problem: It’s not working

A giant patch of seaweed is growing to record sizes in the Atlantic. Sorry, Florida.

A frightening virus is killing a massive number of wild birds

The most mysterious forests on Earth are underwater

Bringing back woolly mammoths and dodos is a bad idea

The worst-case scenario for drought on the Colorado River

These adorable tiny owls are thriving in the most unlikely place

The largest habitat on Earth is finally getting protection

Palm oil is actually not that bad (anymore)

Honey bees are not in peril. These bees are.

The US was poised to pass the biggest environmental law in a generation. What went wrong?

The mystery of the mimic plant

Coming soon: Beef, coffee, and chocolate, without a side of environmental destruction

Can capitalism and nature coexist?

7 reasons our planet might not be doomed after all

The world has a new plan to save nature. Here’s how it works — and how it could fail.

World leaders are racing to protect nature — but the definition of one word is tripping them up

World leaders have 2 weeks to agree on a plan to save nature

No one knows what “nature-based solutions” are

The surprising value of a small patch of grass