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Donald Trump

Coverage of the 45th president of the United States, from his domestic and foreign policy to his tweets.

A Supreme Court case about stocks could help make Trump’s authoritarian dreams reality

When Trump tells you he’s an authoritarian, believe him

Who is running for president in 2024? Meet the GOP candidates

The Republican debate is fake

The Supreme Court considers whether a very stupid gun law is also unconstitutional

The new gag order against Trump, briefly explained

How Biden ended up building part of Trump’s border wall

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What to know about the second Republican debate

Trump could now be on the hook for up to $250 million for fraud

The impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, explained

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How Florida became the center of the Republican universe

Trump, on Meet the Press, shows he still has no policy plans

Trump faces another big legal loss in the E. Jean Carroll case

January 6 rioters are facing hundreds of years in prison combined. What does it mean for Trump?

Trump could soon be in big legal trouble for inflating his net worth

Trump’s 4 indictments, ranked by the stakes

Why Trump’s surrender is such a big deal

Trump’s Tucker Carlson interview was a taste of the chaos to come

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What we learned from the first 2024 GOP debate

How quickly will Donald Trump go to trial in Georgia?

Everything to know about the first Republican presidential debate

All the candidates onstage for the first GOP debate, explained

The Trump indictments reveal a paradox at the heart of American democracy

The 4 criminal investigations into Donald Trump, explained

Will anyone trust these hyper-politicized courts to try Donald Trump?

How Atlanta prosecutor Fani Willis took on Donald Trump

Trump’s Georgia indictment, briefly explained

Trump’s defense in the 2020 election case, explained by legal experts

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Trump investigations: The Georgia election interference case

Trump has pleaded not guilty to 2020 election charges

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Trump investigations: The classified documents case

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Trump investigations: Federal Jan. 6 and 2020 election case

There is no First Amendment right to overturn an election

Trump was just indicted for trying to steal the 2020 election

What the new Trump indictment has already proven

Trump has been indicted for something Americans seem to have forgotten

How strong are the newest criminal charges against Donald Trump?

Why Trump’s PAC is almost broke

What’s new in the new indictment against Donald Trump?

Your 5 biggest questions about Trump’s first federal indictment, answered