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Donald Trump

Coverage of the 45th president of the United States, from his domestic and foreign policy to his tweets.

It’s not just Stormy Daniels: The potential federal indictments against Trump, explained

Would Trump’s indictment help or hurt his 2024 campaign?

This stream has:

What we know about Trump’s likely arrest

Republicans are once again sticking by Trump as an indictment looms

How Trump’s using a possible arrest to rile his base

Trump-era banking law paved way for Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse

Tucker Carlson’s January 6 lies throw Republicans into disarray

All the Republicans running for president in 2024, explained

CPAC used to be a barometer. Now it’s all about Trump.

How Biden came to embrace Trumpian border policies

Would better regulations and equipment mandates have prevented the Ohio rail disaster?

The 4 major criminal probes into Donald Trump, explained

Nikki Haley vows to take on “bullies” in her 2024 campaign (read: Trump)

It’s official. Trump is back on Facebook and Instagram.

Trump struggles to define himself at his first public campaign stop

Will Trump’s tax returns change anything?

Read the January 6 committee’s damning report on Trump’s election subversion efforts

Sean Hannity’s damning deposition in the Fox News defamation lawsuit, explained

Trump’s tax returns are about to become public. What happens now?

The January 6 committee’s case against Trump

Maybe Trump was right about TikTok

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The 3 winners and 3 losers from the Georgia runoff

Trump’s company was just convicted of fraud. That’s the least of his legal worries.

What Congress can do with Trump’s tax returns

Why Trump is still the 2024 GOP frontrunner — for now

The deep roots of antisemitism’s resurgence in America

Kari Lake’s lonely, absurd quest to challenge Arizona’s election results

Donald Trump’s dinner with white supremacist Nick Fuentes was much more than a gaffe

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How the right’s radical thinkers are coping with the midterms

Trump’s return to Twitter prompts outrage and confusion

Why special counsel Jack Smith might be different from Robert Mueller

Capitol Hill to Trump: Meh

Where Trump and DeSantis actually disagree

Why a second Trump term would be even more dangerous than his first

What Trump vs. DeSantis says about the future of the American right

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8 questions the 2022 midterms answered

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Why Ron DeSantis’s post-midterms glow up may fade

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How a surprising Democratic strategy may have staved off the midterm red wave

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It’s official: Florida is a red state

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Donald Trump had a bad night Tuesday. Will it matter?