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Donald Trump

Coverage of the 45th president of the United States, from his domestic and foreign policy to his tweets.

The GOP’s masculinity panic

22 predictions we made in 2021, and the 13 we got right

Trump wants the courts to help him sabotage the January 6 investigation

Biden’s bewildering decision to expand a Trump-era immigration policy

What Steve Bannon’s indictment means for Trump’s stonewalling tactics

What is the price of separated immigrant families’ trauma?

What to know about the latest fight over Trump’s executive privilege claims

The Justice for J6 rally is Trump supporters’ attempt at revisionist history

A new Supreme Court case could blow up decades of US diplomacy

Trump is having little sway over Senate Republicans’ infrastructure votes

Biden’s immigration policy isn’t Trump’s — but it’s still a disappointment

These immigrants have one shot to come to the US. But Biden has to act.

Trump’s aggressive efforts to overturn election results come to light

Why Newsmax is failing

Trump has found his January 6 martyr

The Texas GOP’s border wall fantasy

Trump’s lawsuits against Big Tech are just another fundraising tool

Trump’s lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter, and Google will probably go nowhere

Don’t buy Bill Barr’s attempt to rehab his image

The glaring problems with Tucker Carlson’s attempt to blame the FBI for the insurrection

What Facebook’s two-year Trump ban does and doesn’t do

What the new IG report about the gassing of protesters around Lafayette Square actually says

TikTok’s Trump problem is now TikTok’s Biden problem

Why on earth is Biden’s DOJ backing Trump in a rape denial case?

Donald Trump’s new blog lasted less than a month

Michael Flynn’s coup comments show how QAnon is evolving in the Biden era

New data helps explain Trump’s gains among Latino voters in 2020

The Big Lie is the GOP’s one and only truth

Here’s just how much people have stopped talking about Trump on Facebook and Twitter

Trump is Facebook’s problem, again

Donald Trump won’t be coming back to Facebook anytime soon

Trump’s new communication tool is more like a blog

Biden is quietly enforcing one of Trump’s most anti-immigrant policies

Trump’s irate, lie-filled RNC speech shows tensions in GOP

Foreign workers blocked by Trump are no longer banned from entering the US

Fox News has become a jobs program for some Trump family members and ex-staffers

Birx says US Covid-19 deaths were preventable, but won’t acknowledge her complicity

The Senate primary in Ohio is all about Trump

Sidney Powell gives up the game, admits Trump’s election conspiracies weren’t factual

The intellectual case for Trump: A debate

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