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For some underrepresented people in tech, life is getting better. For others, this is the ‘dark timeline.’

How a Twitter account convinced 4,000 companies to stop advertising on Breitbart

How to get a job in venture capital

Airbnb is adding the first woman to its board — former Disney and Pixar executive Ann Mather

Silicon Valley needs to figure out how to promote women and people of color. Andreessen Horowitz is doing that by changing one of its founding rules.

Full transcript: Fog Creek Software CEO Anil Dash answers all the questions on Too Embarrassed to Ask

Andreessen Horowitz has finally hired a woman as a general partner, as it also officially debuts a crypto fund

We need more women in tech in order to get more women in tech

Full video and transcript: Diversity in tech panel at Code 2018

Here’s how leading women in Silicon Valley think tech can fix its gender diversity problem

Katrina Lake, Stitch Fix founder and CEO, says trying to find people who fit in is the ‘anti-diversity’

Microsoft executive Brad Smith: ‘If you create tech that changes the world, the world is going to want to govern you.’

Venture capital firms are running to hire their first female general partners

A former Uber engineer is suing the company for discrimination and sexual harassment

Amazon’s 10-person board has only three women. That’s on par with the company’s peers.

Amazon will adopt a ‘Rooney Rule’ to increase board diversity after its initial opposition sparked employee outrage

Amazon shareholders are getting opposite advice on whether diversity should be mandated for the company’s board

Amazon employees are outraged by their company’s opposition to a plan to add more diversity to its board

Nell Scovell wrote a movie based on ‘Lean In’ — but Hollywood tried to turn it into ‘Bridesmaids’

Black lawmakers are impatient with tech’s lack of diversity and are threatening regulation to force the issue

Full transcript: Hearst Magazines Chief Content Officer Joanna Coles on Recode Decode

Black lawmakers will visit Silicon Valley next week to talk to Apple, Square, PayPal and others about workplace diversity

Uber’s first diversity report under CEO Dara Khosrowshahi shows Uber is still mostly white and male

Susan Fowler’s next act: Ending forced arbitration, which blocks workers from suing their employers

Full transcript: Outside Magazine Executive Editor Axie Navas on Recode Media

How Facebook compares to other tech companies in diversity

As women in tech gain experience, their pay gap with men gets worse

Full transcript: Journalist and author Joanne Lipman on Recode Decode

Six things we can do today to help women succeed in the workplace

More than 80 percent of women in tech say they feel pressure to return early from parental leave

Author Claire Evans wants you to know about the women who helped found the internet

Full transcript: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg onstage at Lesbians Who Tech

Full transcript: Girlboss CEO Sophia Amoruso on Too Embarrassed to Ask

Twitter claims it was more diverse in 2017, but that’s not what the data shows

Watch Kara Swisher interview Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg challenged a room full of Wall Street guys to be better mentors for women

Brit Morin was ‘pissed off’ that more women weren’t into cryptocurrency, so she organized an event to educate them

Full transcript: Aspect Ventures co-founder Jennifer Fonstad on Recode Decode

Full transcript: ‘Brotopia’ author Emily Chang on Recode Decode

Even female Uber drivers get paid less

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