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Dear Julia

Vox reporter Julia Belluz answers readers' questions about health with the latest research and expert voices.

The flu vaccine isn't perfect — but that doesn't mean you should skip the shot

Should you walk or run for exercise? Here's what the science says.

Does sunscreen really protect my skin? Your paranoid sunscreen questions, answered.

Why you shouldn't believe the calorie count on your fitness tracker

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Why parents of young children get sick more often

Should you take Tylenol, Advil, or aspirin for pain? Here's what the evidence says.

Dietary supplements are mostly a waste of money. But if you must buy them, try this.

Is yoga bad for you? Here's what the evidence says.

Is it really that bad to skip breakfast? Here's what the science says.

Dear Julia: how much do I need to worry about salt in my food?

Why you’re probably wasting your money on probiotics

Big Tissue wants you to believe bathroom hand dryers spread disease. Here's what science says.

The truth about WebMD, a hypochondriac's nightmare and Big Pharma's dream

What no one talks about when they extol the benefits of fasting

Why researchers say eating late at night is an especially bad idea

Should you drink soy or cow's milk? Here's what the evidence says.

“Are you really going to eat that?” and what not to say to someone who's gained weight

Hypnosis has weirdly positive results in weight loss studies. That doesn't mean it works.

Cold-pressed juices are a waste of money. The (lack of) science behind them says so.