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What bullets do to kids

The stubborn sexism of American politics

On Yellowjackets, teen girl friendship hurts like cannibalism

What the new D&D movie gets — and misses — about the game

The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s credits scene sets up a sequel

10 new documentaries to watch for, from Thomas Kinkade to Y2K

The taunt that eclipsed the NCAA women’s basketball championship, explained

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On Succession, all the world’s a stage, and the Roys are flubbing their lines

What fake pop stars say about our real world

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Trans people deserve better journalism

How the anti-trans movement took over legacy media.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski-and-run trial is a reminder that stars are not like us

Swarm isn’t a love letter to Black women. It’s hate mail.

The influencers getting rich by teaching you how to get rich

Serial’s Adnan Syed was finally free. Zoom got his conviction reinstated.

Has TikTok made us better? Or much, much worse?

The fantasy of Ted Lasso and the reality of Jason Sudeikis

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What Logan Roy’s sad birthday party tells you about the new season of Succession

Keanu Reeves, explained

The “You’re doing it wrong”-ification of TikTok

Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, and the Easter egg-ification of the Hollywood feud

Native American histories show rebuilding is possible — and necessary — after catastrophe

Love Is Blind’s fourth season is its villain era

The Waco tragedy, explained

The Murdaugh murders saga continues as Stephen Smith’s death is ruled a homicide

The case for Rick and Morty

The Broadway musical getting protested by neo-Nazis

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Season 4 of Succession is going to be a bloodbath

How BookTok makes money

A bioethics professor weighs in on the Last of Us finale

Time doesn’t have to be money

Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ credits scene teases a future that might never come

J.K. Rowling’s transphobia: A history

America’s bad bet on expanding legal sports gambling

What YouTube hustle gurus are really selling you

Scream’s lasting legacy is its final girls

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5 winners and 4 losers from the 2023 Oscars

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Why Everything Everywhere All at Once won ... everything


Why Top Gun’s sound design is Oscar-worthy

The Vanderpump Rules cheating scandal, for people who have never watched the show

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Everything you need to know about the 95th Academy Awards

A guide to this year’s Oscars.

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