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Station Eleven made me want to live in the post-apocalypse

The 21 best movies of 2021

Looking back at the ’90s has meant reexamining the decade’s toxic diet culture

Nothing changed and everything changed in Succession’s third season

If we can’t beat the apocalypse, at least we can laugh at it

Company is the musical that made Sondheim’s reputation. A new production reimagines it.

Why the new West Side Story works — and one thing that doesn’t

Main character syndrome, explained by Carrie Bradshaw

The books that made us think and act differently this year

Let Succession be ambiguous

Why we’re so obsessed with nuns

One Good Thing: The Mole is a relic of early reality TV that still holds up

Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sex and the City’s frenemy feud 

One Good Thing: Money Heist, a joyful TV series about fighting the system

Spotify Wrapped, unwrapped

In Flee, one Afghan refugee’s story comes to vibrant, animated life

Spend the winter reading novels of our online brains

December’s buzziest movies bring a wild movie year to a close

Netflix’s cute, whimsical “City of Ghosts” has layers for both parents and kids to enjoy

Remembering Stephen Sondheim

The remote work revolution hasn’t happened yet

One Good Thing: How fashion became a part of The Nanny’s legacy

Licorice Pizza proves Paul Thomas Anderson is a master of unexpected romance

In Sondheim’s Assassins, cornball Americana can’t cover a seething mass of violent rage

Machismo is terror in Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog

What can you even say about House of Gucci? It’s stupid. It’s perfect.

The supply chain crisis, explained by Adele

Red Notice is a huge hit for Netflix. But what does that actually mean?

King Richard and reclaiming Richard Williams’s legacy

The smart political argument behind the satire Such a Fun Age

The intertwined legacies of Jonathan Larson and Lin-Manuel Miranda

C’mon C’mon tries, just a little, to stop time

Cowboy Bebop, explained

A guide to the must-read 2021 National Book Award winners and finalists

Procession is a doc about the Catholic sex abuse scandal. Its approach is wholly unexpected.

Prestige book season has arrived. Here are 11 titles not to miss.

One Good Thing: The 1970s children’s book that envisions an America overrun by trash

The four F’s of trauma response and the four Roy kids of Succession

Britney Spears is finally free

How Taylor Swift’s 10-minute “All Too Well” surpasses her original

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