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Ordinary Black lives should be remembered, too 

What really happens if a bear does cocaine, explained by an ursinologist

Social media used to be free. Not anymore.

Brad Pitt was the only winner of the Aniston-Jolie tabloid battle

What rewatching old shows teaches us about ourselves

A retro hobby for the end times

Prestige TV can’t beat the experience of playing Last of Us

Can more Harry Potter ever be okay?

Quantumania’s post-credits scene gives us Marvel’s next big bad

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The Last of Us: What you need to know about the show and game

The best movie you didn’t see last year is finally out

How the Harry Potter video game became an ethical minefield

Rihanna is the pregnancy role model America needs right now

What you learn about beauty and grief as a guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The nonchalant spectacle of Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show

Pedro Pascal and the unbearable horniness of “daddy”

What the hard-won HarperCollins union contract means for the future of books

What Magic Mike’s Last Dance gets right (and wrong) about female desire

The case for better-seats-cost-more movie tickets

Breaking down Pathaan, the most popular movie in the world

Last year’s Super Bowl ads aged like milk

What to watch this winter when there’s nothing to watch

Can you get bird flu?

What an abortion hotline reveals about reproductive care after Roe

Why Pamela, a Love Story works where Pam and Tommy failed

Why Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti is such a big deal

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Why we loved Everything Everywhere All at Once — and why we hope it wins the Oscar

The mounting, undeniable Me Too backlash

Inside the lonely and surprisingly earnest world of political TikTok

How Shyamalan’s Knock at the Cabin rewrote the book’s ending for a big twist

TikTok’s master plan to win over Washington

Behind the scenes at TikTok as it campaigns to change Americans’ hearts and minds

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What Andrea Riseborough’s controversial nomination reveals about the Oscars

Alec Baldwin’s criminal charges and Rust’s chaotic production, explained

17 movies to watch out for in 2023

We can’t grieve what we can’t remember

Vintage Contemporaries is a warm-hearted novel that walks in the footsteps of Laurie Colwin

The Good Morning America anchors who made us love cheating scandals exit ABC

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How Avatar: The Way of Water can make $2 billion and still feel irrelevant

Past Lives is already one of the year’s best films