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What’s going on with these viral, right-wing country music hits?

The confusing Scooter Braun exodus, explained

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This summer is giving us a glimpse at the dangerous future of work

Even Elon Musk can’t fully wreck Twitter’s one great superpower

Nobody wins in the Hollywood strikes, including billion-dollar studios

Netflix is just giving DVDs away now

“Going shopping” is dead

It’s not just famous actors and big-name writers the Hollywood strikes are hurting

People forgot how to act in public 

King the Land is a Netflix hit about love and labor rights

A brief timeline of Britney Spears’s marriage to Sam Asghari

How does Elon Musk get away with it all?

“Girl” trends and the repackaging of womanhood

Why in the world are Elon and Zuck planning to punch each other?

How two pop culture Twitter accounts turned into the internet’s wire service

Publishing scammers are using AI to scale their grifts

The Montgomery boat brawl and what it really means to “try that in a small town”

How should we remember Trinity Site, where the first nuclear bomb was tested?

Lil Tay’s reported death hoax, explained as much as possible

Why Taylor Swift is rerecording all her old songs

The allegations against Lizzo, briefly explained

Megan Thee Stallion, Me Too, and hip-hop’s cycle of misogynoir

Disney used to hate gambling. Now it’s doing a $2 billion sports betting deal.

The right-wing backlash against the US women’s national soccer team, explained

A reading guide for grownups who don’t read

The internet’s new anthem is a glorious Eurodance parody

The Long Island serial killer case may finally be solved — but many questions remain

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Lessons from a Barbenheimer summer

The creator of Black Mirror is okay with tech. People, on the other hand ...

The biggest names in food are just regular people on TikTok

Why this show about queer teens appeals to all ages — even if it stings

Why do so many new songs sound familiar?

Carlee Russell: A missing Black woman and a social media frenzy, explained

The Chosen, the Christian megahit about Jesus, explained

Are weather apps lying? The truth is in the dew point.

The ageless appeal of Pee-wee Herman, explained

What do Americans want from their food? The answers are in the Trader Joe’s recalls.

Where is Britney?

Lori Vallow’s unthinkable series of murders leads to life without parole

The unexpected pitfalls of work-from-home parenthood

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