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Spend June with the delicious vacation read Leave the World Behind

Rumaan Alam’s National Book Award finalist is the Vox Book Club’s pick for June.

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Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam.
David A. Land; Ecco Books
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This June, the Vox Book Club is reading what is probably the best vacation book in recent years: Rumaan Alam’s National Book Award finalist Leave the World Behind, about a vacation that goes terribly, terribly wrong.

Leave the World Behind follows a family of not-quite-as-affluent-as-they’d-like Brooklynites to a beach vacation house where they plan to, well, leave the world behind — only to find themselves enmeshed in some sort of amorphous, world-changing crisis they struggle to get a handle on. The results are unexpectedly delicious, and the perfect accompaniment for a vacation of your own. With any luck at all, yours can’t go any worse than the one you’ll be reading about.

We’ll be discussing Leave the World Behind on the site in a couple of weeks, and at the end of the month, we’ll meet up with Alam live on Zoom to talk the whole thing through. Audience questions are encouraged, and you can RSVP here. In the meantime, subscribe to the Vox Book Club newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Here’s the full Vox Book Club schedule for June 2021

Friday, June 18: Discussion post on Leave the World Behind published to

Wednesday, June 30: Virtual live event with author Rumaan Alam at 5 pm ET. You can RSVP here. Reader questions are encouraged!