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The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s credits scene sets up a sequel

The credits scene also brings in a beloved character.

Mario from The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
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This post contains spoilers for the The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

If there’s another Super Mario Bros. movie in the future, a familiar character will surely be in it. At least, that’s what one of the movie’s post-credits scenes portends.

There’s so much ground covered in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Mario (Chris Pratt) and Luigi (Charlie Day) go from working-class plumber brothers who live at home with their family to Mushroom Kingdom fishes out of water, destined to help Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) defend her realm from Bowser (Jack Black). Along the way, they meet up with Toad (Keegan-Michael Key) and Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen), and seemingly hit all the video game beats — Fire Flowers, Mushrooms, Tanooki Suits, Karts, and the Rainbow Road.

But for longtime fans, the movie was missing one important thing.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s credits scene introduces a beloved character

The movie has two credits scenes, but the one at the end of the credits is the one that truly matters. It opens deep in the sewers of Brooklyn, the place where Mario and Luigi were sucked into the Mushroom Kingdom. As the movie establishes, there’s weird stuff that happens here, and in the final act of the movie, the pipe that takes the brothers to Princess Peach’s homeland reverses and ends up spitting the brothers, Peach, and Bowser onto the borough’s streets.

Of course, Mario and Luigi defeat Bowser, save the world, and set everything right. But there’s something funny that’s happening in the sewers. An egg is sitting amid the pipes and debris. It’s not just any egg. Specifically, it’s a white egg with big green spots (a dead giveaway for anyone who played the video games). A crack appears, and right before it hatches, a tiny voice yells out “Yoshi” before the screen cuts to black.

Yoshi’s here — well, will be here provided there’s another Super Mario movie.

Yoshisaurs in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

While Yoshi (pluralized as Yoshis or Yoshisaurs) can refer to the general dinosaur species that debuted in 1990’s Super Mario World, Yoshi is also the proper name of the famous green dinosaur and Mario ally. In Super Mario World, Mario can ride him and use his tongue to eat enemies, lay eggs, and can gain special abilities (flying, breathing fire, or stomping) if Yoshi eats colored Koopa Troopa shells.

The character is so famous that he has his own spinoff video games, which sort of raises the question of why he didn’t make an appearance in the movie — there’s a quick shot of Yoshis but not Yoshi himself. And while that might be a disappointment for fans, Yoshi fans especially, this credits scene all but ensures that the dinosaur will be around for the sequel.

The movie has another credits scene, though it might not be as flashy.

In the mid-credits clip, we see Bowser continuing to write his song for Peach. As the movie sets up, this giant lizard loves this blonde princess and, to profess his love, he puts together a sweet Meatloaf-esque ballad. He never gets to really perform his song for Peach because, alas, the Mario Bros. defeat him and shrink him down to size with a poisonous mushroom.

Bowser is writing a new part of his song in the credits scene before he’s interrupted by one of Peach’s toads who tells him to keep the noise down. The intrusion changes the viewing perspective, and reminds us (because the toad is very big) that Bowser is still teeny tiny, a measure done to protect the Mushroom Kingdom from his tyranny.

Though fun-sized, Bowser will likely be around for the sequel too — assuming the movie makes enough money to warrant one or two, or many more.