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Ready or Not

The bloody horror comedy is now in theaters.

Metacritic score: 63 out of 100

Hell is other (rich) people in Ready or Not, a deliciously mean dark horror comedy about the soul-sucking cost of greed. On her wedding night, Grace (Samara Weaving) discovers that her new husband’s fabulously wealthy family is much stranger and more sinister than she realized. And when she finds herself locked in a “game” of survival, Grace realizes that only she can save herself.

Ready or Not is not a particularly subtle movie, nor should it be. It’s an old-fashioned satirical revenge fantasy — a bloody, manic one with plenty of weaponry and gore to go around, and a determined heroine (or maybe an avenging angel) at its center. The film takes its name from a game, an amusement for children, but it has something to say about some very grown-up concerns. And it’s both fun and deadly serious.