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The glam new Ocean’s 8 trailer has Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett getting down to business

The heist movie, also starring Anne Hathaway and Rihanna, hits theaters on June 8.

Ocean’s 8 has felt like something of a wish-fulfillment fever dream ever since its dream cast — Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett! Anne Hathaway and Mindy Kaling! Helena Bonham Carter and Rihanna! — was announced back in 2016. But with the arrival of its second trailer, it finally feels safe to rejoice in the fact that we’ll actually get to see this movie in just a few short weeks, on June 8.

This trailer picks up the thread of the first look we got back in December, which confirmed that Bullock will be playing Debbie Ocean, the estranged and formerly incarcerated sister of Danny Ocean (played by George Clooney in the Ocean’s Eleven reboot trilogy, which, we are truly down the rabbit hole with this franchise, huh?). But we also get a better look at each of Debbie’s new band of thieves as they prepare to rob the legendary Met Gala (a perfect event on which to center a movie featuring Rihanna, undisputed queen of Met Galas).

There’s Blanchett’s wry right-hand woman, shaking her head with impressed amusement at Debbie’s determination. There’s Kaling’s jewelry forger and Sarah Paulson’s nervous task manager examining the job at hand, while Bonham Carter and Awkwafina creep around the edges. And in her biggest spotlight so far, there’s Rihanna as “9 Ball,” the crew’s tech-savvy hire whose deadpan manages to rival Blanchett’s.

On the other side of the impending battle royal is Hathaway. Playing the role of their glamorous mark, she drips with diamonds and cutting condescension. From the little we can tell from this trailer, it sure seems like Hathaway is playing a different role from her usual earnest heroines — and seems to be having a great time of it.

Of course, trailers can’t really tell us if a movie will be good or bad. But Ocean’s 8 sure as hell seems to be having fun, and for now, that feels like enough.

Ocean’s 8 will be released in theaters on June 8.