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Donald Glover tweeted a Deadpool script after reports he was too busy for an animated series

Donald Glover’s Deadpool script is petty, sardonic, and perfect … and includes the Beyoncé face-biting mystery.

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Like a scene from a Deadpool comic book, writer-actor-singer Donald Glover’s rare Twitter appearance to reveal a Deadpool script that no one asked for was a surprise laced with audacity and the perfect amount of pettiness.

Early Wednesday morning, Glover sent a tweet stating that he wasn’t too busy to “work on Deadpool.” Glover doesn’t tweet much these days, so this out-of-the-blue appearance name-checking Marvel’s Deadpool was a little weird — and timely, given that the first Deadpool 2 trailer containing actual plot details came out last week.

But Glover isn’t referencing the much-anticipated movie sequel. He’s referring to a Deadpool animated series on FX that, on Saturday, was announced to be dead (I’m sorry). Glover and his brother Stephen Glover — who also write and produce together on the acclaimed FX series Atlanta — were set to serve as showrunners and writers for the show. A couple of reports speculated that the show died because Glover was too busy.

Deadpool’ may have been a casualty of Donald Glover’s packed schedule,” Variety wrote.

Glover’s Twitter response seems to refer to that speculation — but his response didn’t end with shading Variety. Glover then proceeded to tweet out more than 10 pages of a satirical Deadpool script that includes, among other things, a reference to the Beyoncé face-biting mystery:

While Glover’s Deadpool series seems to be dead, and this faux script the final nail in its coffin, it actually wouldn’t be that surprising to see it eventually resurrected, considering Fox’s fraught history with bringing the character to the screen. Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool in the movies, famously fought to bring the character to movie screens for more than a decade, but he couldn’t convince Fox executives to take the plunge. It wasn’t until leaked test footage (which Reynolds won’t confirm or deny playing a part in leaking) received a rapturous audience response that Fox was convinced to go ahead and make a movie, which went on to be a box office-dominating, sequel-spawning success.

So, while unlikely, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that Glover’s much-shared Twitter script could one day result in an animated Deadpool reacting to Jennifer Lawrence face-biting Beyoncé.

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