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Westworld season 2 premieres in April. Watch the trailer now.

Complete with a piano cover of Kanye West’s “Runaway.”

Emily St. James was a senior correspondent for Vox, covering American identities. Before she joined Vox in 2014, she was the first TV editor of the A.V. Club.

It’s been just over a year since HBO’s sci-fi tale Westworld aired its season one finale, in December of 2016. That first season centered on a complicated, twisty story that unfolded in multiple timelines but didn’t always let viewers know it took place in multiple timelines. The finale laid out all of the show’s cards, revealing to audiences just how all of its storylines intersected, and ended with a prospective act of revolution on the part of Dolores, the robotic Host played by Evan Rachel Wood.

Throughout it all, it was perhaps easy to forget that, hey, the original movie Westworld was told from the point of view of the Wild West theme park’s guests, who were thrown into the middle of a bunch of malfunctioning robots aiming their guns at the humans who kept the park in business. And, thus, the TV show was eventually also going to be about robots overthrowing their human masters — except told from the point of view of the robots this time.

Anyway, HBO unveiled a lengthy — but not terribly revelatory — trailer for season two during the Super Bowl, which shows, among other things, robotic bulls racing in to gore men holding guns, a piano cover version of Kanye West’s “Runaway,” and Dolores looking straight into the camera to say, “Our world.” The trailer also revealed a season two premiere date: It will debut April 22, just in time to qualify the season for the 2018 Emmys.