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Need some joy? Here, have Lupita Nyong’o shimmying around Comic-Con in secret cosplay

The Star Wars and Black Panther star had the most fun of anyone there.

If you were part of the teeming masses that recently descended upon San Diego for Comic-Con, there’s a chance you might have rubbed elbows with none other than Lupita Nyong’o — and an even better chance that you if you did, you didn’t know it.

Academy Award winner Nyong’o has quickly become bonafide nerd royalty thanks to her starring roles in both Black Panther and Star Wars, but she took her dedication to a whole new level at Comic-Con with some low-key but incredibly enthusiastic cosplay. The actor has revealed, via two exuberant videos, that she donned a different disguise each day she was there in order to fully enjoy herself anonymously.

Each video shows Nyong’o taking in the sights as she makes her way around the event, busting out quite a few dance moves, and taking pictures with artists and fellow cosplayers who presumably were none the wiser to who they were actually posing with. “Thank you, [Comic Con],” Nyong’o wrote on Twitter, “for allowing me to let the little one inside me drive again!”

On her first day out, she cosplayed as the Power Rangers’ Pink Ranger and danced her way around the convention floor:

On her second day, she dipped back into the Star Wars universe by donning Kylo Ren’s mask:

And on both days, she was an absolute delight.