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Watch: SNL introduces Trump’s ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future

Constance Grady is a senior correspondent on the Culture team for Vox, where since 2016 she has covered books, publishing, gender, celebrity analysis, and theater.

Christmas has come to the White House, and on Saturday Night Live this week, it came in a decidedly Dickensian style.

On this week’s cold open, Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump went through his own abbreviated Christmas Carol, with a twist that’s particularly timely this week.

Michael Flynn played the part of Trump’s Jacob Marley, warning Trump, “Any number of people could come back from your past to haunt you — and three will arrive tonight.”

Billy Bush of Access Hollywood tape fame appeared as the Ghost of Christmas Past, reminding us all that in this era of powerful men being destroyed by allegations of sexual misconduct, Trump not only has multiple allegations against him but was caught on tape apparently bragging about them. “Can you believe I was fired just for listening to you?” Bush marveled, before reminding Trump as he faded away, “If you worked for NBC right now, you’d be fired … fired … fired.”

The Ghost of Christmas Present was Vladimir Putin, who told Trump to stop acting so erratically because he was messing up their plan. But the peak of the sketch came with the Ghost of Christmas Future: Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton, at her most gleeful.

“You have brought me the greatest Christmas gift of all: sexual gratification in the form of your humiliation,” she crowed, before beginning a rousing chant of “Lock him up!”

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to say that,” she sighed.

God bless Kate McKinnon, everyone.