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Lulu the CIA dog who wouldn’t sniff bombs is the week’s most adorable internet hero

Lulu wouldn't locate explosives. Instead, she located our hearts.

CIA / Twitter
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Ah, Lulu, we hardly knew you. Or at least the CIA, which tried to train you to sniff out bombs, hardly knew you.

The internet, however, fell in love with the sweet black Labrador — thanks to an uncharacteristically sentimental dispatch from the CIA’s official Twitter account about how the canine trainee was excused from her explosives-detection education because she just wasn’t that into ferreting out potential bombs.

The thread detailed Lulu’s emerging disinterest in her training — though it left out how intense and grueling the training and subsequent work life of a bomb-sniffing dog can be.

In the end, Lulu was retired from the training program and adopted by her handler — now she also gets to spend lots of time hanging out with her handler’s new trainee, Harry. Here’s Harry:

Harry on his first day in class.

While the CIA was happy to let Lulu go, many observers following the story on Twitter had a harder time.

There were songs. The Department of Defense wished Lulu well. Lots of people offered to adopt her.

Many also expressed relief that Lulu had managed to escape a life spent serving in one of the nation’s most secretive and controversial agencies, given the CIA’s history of torturing prisoners, overthrowing governments, and training and arming guerrilla armies:

Despite the CIA’s critics, though, Lulu seems to have united people on at least one point: She’s a very, very good dog.

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