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New music for you: the Easy Leaves perform their song "Eleven Hours" at Pickathon's Pumphouse

the easy leaves
The Easy Leaves, in Pickathon’s Pumphouse.
(Photo: Briana Cerezo)

Once a month (or so), I'm bringing you an episode of the Pickathon Pumphouse Series, filmed in the tiny Pumphouse studio on the grounds of the Pickathon music festival in Happy Valley, Oregon, by Live & Breathing. For more on the festival and the series, see this post.

(Pickathon 2016 is happening the first weekend in August. Tickets are on sale.)

pickathon pumphouse series

Today’s performance comes to us from the Easy Leaves, a Bay Area band led by songwriters Kevin Carducci and Sage Fifield. Their sound is straight-up Americana: acoustic guitar and stand-up bass, occasional pedal steel or harmonica, and two voices combining in high harmonies that are, as this review says, "resplendent with echoes of the great ‘brother’ acts of country music: The Louvins, Everlys, and Glasers."

There’s a lot of this kind of stuff going on in the Bay Area — we featured another such act, Brothers Comatose, a few weeks ago — and quite frankly, I never get tired of it. You cynics can scoff at the idea of bearded Cali dudes adopting the affectations and musical traditions of rural life, but a) I don’t care, it sounds pretty, and b) all music is remix anyway.

All I’m saying is, sing together in sweet harmony and I’m in.

The Easy Leaves have two full-length albums and an EP, Fresno, that came out last year. Here they are playing their tune "Eleven Hours."