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New music for you: Joseph perform their song "Canyon" at Pickathon's Pumphouse

Joseph, from Portland, Ore.
Joseph, from Portland, Ore.
(Anthony Pidgeon/Pickathon)

Once a month (or so), I'm bringing you an episode of the Pickathon Pumphouse Series, filmed in the tiny Pumphouse studio on the grounds of the Pickathon music festival in Happy Valley, Oregon, by Live & Breathing. For more on the festival and the series, see this post.

(Special bonus news: The lineup for Pickathon 2016 is officially out! Tickets are on sale.)

pickathon pumphouse series

Today's episode brings us a performance from the fledgling Portland, Oregon, band Joseph, a group of three sisters who named their band after both their grandfather and a small Oregon town.

Joseph's debut album, Native Dreamer Kin, was released in 2014 and they've been touring behind it ever since. It is filled with spare melodies and rich, intricate three-part harmonies, reminiscent at times of 1970s folk music but very much of the Pacific Northwest.

This song is called "Canyon."