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New music for you: Little Freddie King performs "What I Say" at Pickathon's Pumphouse

Little Freddie King, rocking the year's best jacket-tie combo.
Little Freddie King, rocking the year's best jacket-tie combo.
(Pickathon; photo by Briana Cerezo)

On the first Friday of every month, I'm bringing you a new episode in the first season of the Pickathon Pumphouse Series. Each episode is a live performance filmed in the tiny little Pumphouse studio, on the grounds of the Pickathon music festival in Happy Valley, Oregon, filmed by Live & Breathing. For more on the festival and the series, see this post.

pickathon pumphouse series

Today's performance is brought to us by juke blues old-timer Little Freddie King, a native of New Orleans who has been making records since the 1960s. King grew up playing alongside Bo Diddley and John Lee Hooker; his swampy urban blues style is often compared to the playing of his cousin Lightnin' Hopkins.

As you can see, he was also the clear sartorial winner at the festival.

You can read about Little Freddie King here and buy his albums here.

See you next month!

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