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The best movies out this weekend

13 great films now in theaters.

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Taylor Swift’s new single “You Need to Calm Down” is exhausting

Netflix’s Murder Mystery is a surprisingly fun romp starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston

Netflix’s Hilda is a gorgeous, melancholy kids’ show about emotional maturity

City of Girls is a new novel from Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s terrific.

Taylor Swift will release a new album in August and a new single on June 14

The first trailer for Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep remixes The Shining. It’s scarily effective.

Why Always Be My Maybe’s Asian American underachiever is groundbreaking

The 10 most anticipated books of the summer, according to Goodreads

Dan Rather’s single biggest secret for interviewing powerful people

Jessica Biel’s dangerous lobbying against a California vaccination bill, explained

Toy Story 4 finds the beauty and joy in saying goodbye

How Fox failed the X-Men

Men in Black: International is charming and fun but squanders the chance to tell a richer story

The Kylie Jenner Handmaid’s Tale controversy is part of a larger story

25 episodes that changed television

From a pregnancy on I Love Lucy to a beheading on Game of Thrones.

What happened to The Handmaid’s Tale’s all-encompassing sense of dread?

How the US women’s team World Cup 13-0 win became about pay equity

Russian Doll will be back for a second season on Netflix

Radiohead’s unreleased OK Computer audio was stolen. Now the band is letting everyone hear it.

Disney’s latest Frozen II trailer is light on details, heavy on magical horses

Queer true crime stories of the past show how the press stoked fear of gay men

Why we’re all obsessed with looking like Fleabag

Why Amazon is going to be one of the winners of the streaming video wars

The 2019 Tonys were a damp end to one of the most exciting Broadway seasons in ages

Big Little Lies season 2, episode 1: “What Have They Done?” They’d prefer to forget.

Chernobyl’s stellar finale makes a case for the show as science fiction

All the canceled and renewed TV shows from the 2018-’19 season

Emma Thompson’s Late Night host wears suits, pussy bows, and jewelry from the Met

Big Little Lies is a different show in season 2. It’s still great.

Watch this: On Girl Meets Farm, Molly Yeh tries to change the Midwest, one dish at a time

YouTube may allow hate speech if it’s part of a larger argument. Yikes.

Jim DeRogatis broke the R. Kelly story in 2000. Now he’s compiled a damning case against Kelly.

Jenny Han on how the 2016 election led to the third To All the Boys book

The Last Black Man in San Francisco is so good, it’s hard to believe it’s a debut feature

Dark Phoenix is a joyless retelling of the X-Men’s most famous story

Lil Nas X isn’t an anomaly — black people have always been a part of country music

Black Mirror’s “Smithereens” wants to be the series’ thesis statement. It falls utterly flat.

Black Mirror’s Miley Cyrus episode rebels against positivity culture

Black Mirror’s “Striking Vipers” is like “San Junipero” without the heart