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Solve Vox crosswords in our first-ever puzzle books

Available now wherever you get your print media.

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Two crossword books, Vox Pop Culture Crosswords and Vox Mega Book of Mini Crosswords. Puzzlewright Press
Elizabeth Crane is a writer, editor, proofreader, fact-checker, word nerd, and nitpicker. She joined Vox alongside the acquisition of Recode in 2015, came over to the style and standards team as a senior editor, and in 2022 added the title of crosswords editor.

In fall 2019, we launched our daily crossword puzzles on Vox, initially as an experiment. We wanted to see: Did our audience like solving crossword puzzles? Turns out, they absolutely did. Over the past few years, crossword puzzles quietly grew and became one of the most consistently popular pages on

That’s why we’re really excited that, just over four years since we launched crosswords on Vox, we’ve taken our wildly popular puzzles and published them in our first-ever crossword books, on sale today wherever you like to buy your books.

The first, Vox Mega Book of Mini Crosswords, features 150 of our bite-sized weekday puzzles, perfect for a break from work or a quick amusement before bed. The second, Vox Pop Culture Crosswords, brings you 80 of our larger and more challenging crosswords, the themed Saturday puzzles, for when you want to curl up with pen and paper and really give your brain a workout. Overarching themes range from puns to antonyms, from anagrams to rhymes to rebuses, each craftier than the last.

Thanks to our puzzle constructors — Adesina O. Koiki, Will Nediger, Patrick Blindauer, Juliana Tringali Golden, and Andrew Ries — Vox crossword puzzles will challenge, amuse, and even educate the intrepid solver. Take your Vox puzzle experience offline for a whole new dimension in solving.

These books make great gifts for the puzzler in your life — especially if that puzzler is you — so shop now.