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Criminal Justice

Vox's coverage of advances and failures of the American criminal justice system.

What we know about the Nashville school shooting

America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

Would Trump’s indictment help or hurt his 2024 campaign?

The fight against factory farming is winning criminal trials

The Chicago mayor’s race shows Democrats still have a crime problem

Cars transformed America. They also made people more vulnerable to the police.

Mexico’s top cop is on trial along with the war on drugs

The fatal beating of Tyre Nichols, explained

Buffalo, seven weeks after the massacre

New York’s restrictive gun laws didn’t stop the Buffalo shooter

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Biden’s State of the Union 2023: Full coverage and highlights

It’s now legal for domestic abusers to own a gun in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi

What do we want police body cams to do?

Alec Baldwin’s criminal charges and Rust’s chaotic production, explained

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What we know about the killing of Tyre Nichols

Lawmakers won’t compromise on police reform. Will Tyre Nichols’s killing change that?

Ron DeSantis wants to make it much easier for the government to kill people

What we learned from the Tyre Nichols video

Asian Americans are reeling from California’s back-to-back mass shootings

Why older mass shooters like the California gunmen are so rare

Why California’s strict gun control laws didn’t stop the Monterey Park shooter

The horrifying revelations of the Idaho student murders

Why a special counsel is looking into Biden’s classified documents

The legal loophole that could arm mass shooters with makeshift automatic rifles

How Democrats mostly neutralized Republican attacks on crime in the midterms

America’s Trumpiest court doesn’t care if your right to a fair trial was violated

The very human, very troubling stories we tell ourselves about crime

Shooting at Colorado LGBTQ club kills 5, injures 25

An atmosphere of violence: Stochastic terror in American politics

Alex Jones lost a $1 billion trial. Why is Infowars still streaming?

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The defense Democrats aren’t using against Republicans’ soft-on-crime attacks

Alex Jones’s lies have cost him $965 million in a second Sandy Hook trial

Adnan Syed is free — and it only took years of criminal justice reform

The FBI’s murder rate mystery

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Ken Paxton keeps running. Will his legal issues ever catch up?

What do true crime series like Dahmer owe the victims?

Riotsville, U.S.A. is a window onto the bizarre beginnings of police militarization

Trump’s defeat in the Mar-a-Lago “special master” case, explained

California could give more than a million people with criminal records a fresh start

DOJ warns judge that delaying the FBI’s Trump investigation is a national security risk