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Criminal Justice

Vox's coverage of advances and failures of the American criminal justice system.

The very human, very troubling stories we tell ourselves about crime

America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

Shooting at Colorado LGBTQ club kills 5, injures 25

An atmosphere of violence: Stochastic terror in American politics

Alex Jones lost a $1 billion trial. Why is Infowars still streaming?

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The defense Democrats aren’t using against Republicans’ soft-on-crime attacks

Alex Jones’s lies have cost him $965 million in a second Sandy Hook trial

Adnan Syed is free — and it only took years of criminal justice reform

The FBI’s murder rate mystery

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Ken Paxton keeps running. Will his legal issues ever catch up?

What do true crime series like Dahmer owe the victims?

Riotsville, U.S.A. is a window onto the bizarre beginnings of police militarization

Trump’s defeat in the Mar-a-Lago “special master” case, explained

California could give more than a million people with criminal records a fresh start

DOJ warns judge that delaying the FBI’s Trump investigation is a national security risk

Why Trump’s FBI investigation could now be delayed for months or even years

Critics said nothing would change after Sandy Hook. Actually, a lot has.

The Espionage Act and Trump’s documents, explained

Why the DOJ won’t talk about its investigation of Donald Trump

What we know, and don’t know, about the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump

Why the Justice Department made a move in the police killing of Breonna Taylor

Gavin Newsom’s plan to save the Constitution by trolling the Supreme Court

This stream has:

A deadly elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas

3 takeaways from Texas’s investigation of the Uvalde school shooting

The post-legal Supreme Court

What we know about the deadly police shooting of Jayland Walker

Buffalo, seven weeks after the massacre

District attorneys could be a last defense against abortion bans

How the Uvalde police failed

Congress passes a landmark gun control package

The Supreme Court’s new gun ruling means virtually no gun regulation is safe

How Hollywood validates the myth of the good guy with a gun

What the Supreme Court’s big gun case could mean for blue state reforms

“We’re expected to be human shields”: Teachers are unprotected — and scared

“Miracles sometimes happen”: The Senate hasn’t given up on gun control — yet

The Supreme Court gives lawsuit immunity to Border Patrol agents who violate the Constitution

Why some voters are trying to recall San Francisco’s progressive DA

Red states aren’t following Florida’s lead on gun control

What the TSA could teach Congress about gun control

Guns do more than kill