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Criminal Justice

Vox's coverage of advances and failures of the American criminal justice system.

Why Biden’s latest gun violence initiative has activists optimistic

The impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, explained

The Supreme Court’s new term will be dominated by dangerous and incoherent lawsuits

Police fatally shot a pregnant Black woman in Ohio. The calls for accountability are growing.

January 6 rioters are facing hundreds of years in prison combined. What does it mean for Trump?

The criminal justice system is broken. Restorative justice can help fill the gap.

Marijuana could be classified as a lower-risk drug. Here’s what that means.

America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

How Mark Meadows is trying to upend the Georgia elections case

White supremacy is at the heart of the Jacksonville shooting

The edgelord of the federal judiciary

Why Trump seems to grow more popular the worse his legal troubles become

Will anyone trust these hyper-politicized courts to try Donald Trump?

Trump’s Georgia indictment, briefly explained

Trump’s defense in the 2020 election case, explained by legal experts

The Supreme Court just handed gun groups a rare defeat

How a Mississippi case of police brutality emphasizes the need for more accountability

Why the Parkland high school shooting is being reenacted

Trump has pleaded not guilty to 2020 election charges

There is no First Amendment right to overturn an election

Carlee Russell: A missing Black woman and a social media frenzy, explained

Trump was just indicted for trying to steal the 2020 election

How strong are the newest criminal charges against Donald Trump?

A new Supreme Court case could allow criminals to get guns without background checks

What’s new in the new indictment against Donald Trump?

Your 5 biggest questions about Trump’s first federal indictment, answered

Trump’s list of legal headaches just keeps growing

The GOP’s anti-FBI turn, explained

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The Manson Family murders, and their complicated legacy, explained

The Manson Family murders weren’t a countercultural revolt. They were about power, entitlement, and Hollywood.

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The importance of staying angry at the Supreme Court

The way to beat a partisan Supreme Court is to hold a grudge against it for a really long time.

4 revelations from the latest unsealed records in the Trump classified documents case

France’s protests over a police killing, briefly explained

The Supreme Court will decide if abusive spouses have a right to own guns

The Supreme Court’s latest opinion means innocent people must remain in prison

America’s Trumpiest court comes for the First Amendment right to protest

A damning new DOJ report accuses the Minneapolis Police Department of civil rights abuses

A person in a hardhat buried to the waist in a pile of guns. The heading reads “640,000 guns.”

Do “gun buybacks” work?

The systemic issues revealed by Jordan Neely’s killing, explained

Why the Biden, Clinton, and Pence document cases don’t compare to Trump’s

Will limiting background checks make housing fairer?

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