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Criminal Justice

Vox's coverage of advances and failures of the American criminal justice system.

District attorneys could be a last defense against abortion bans

How the Uvalde police failed

Congress passes a landmark gun control package

This stream has:

A deadly elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas

The Supreme Court’s new gun ruling means virtually no gun regulation is safe

How Hollywood validates the myth of the good guy with a gun

What the Supreme Court’s big gun case could mean for blue state reforms

“We’re expected to be human shields”: Teachers are unprotected — and scared

“Miracles sometimes happen”: The Senate hasn’t given up on gun control — yet

The Supreme Court gives lawsuit immunity to Border Patrol agents who violate the Constitution

Why some voters are trying to recall San Francisco’s progressive DA

Red states aren’t following Florida’s lead on gun control

What the TSA could teach Congress about gun control

Guns do more than kill

What does the Second Amendment mean in 2022?

Blue states are responding to Uvalde

How to prevent gun deaths without gun control

America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

How to prevent another white supremacist massacre

Polling is clear: Americans want gun control

Pro-gun rights lawmakers want to arm teachers, but there’s little evidence these programs work

Days after school shooting, Republicans defend gun rights at NRA convention

The Uvalde police keep changing their story

Mass shootings typically lead to looser gun laws, not stronger ones

The two paths Congress could take on gun control

Why gun control feels out of reach — and why there’s still hope

How America fails children

America’s gun violence epidemic, in one chart

How the Supreme Court made it impossible to solve America’s gun violence problem

What we know about the Uvalde elementary school massacre

No, the gun control debate was not “over” after Sandy Hook

Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted.

A child can’t be a “good guy with a gun”

How gun ownership became a powerful political identity

The Supreme Court just condemned a man to die despite strong evidence he’s innocent

New York’s restrictive gun laws didn’t stop the Buffalo shooter

Crime will affect the midterms, but not in the way you think

A new documentary looks at women who survived domestic violence — then faced jail time

Republican judges are waging a bizarre war against the First Amendment right to protest

Local jails are helping drive America’s mass incarceration problem

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