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Criminal Justice

Vox's coverage of advances and failures of the American criminal justice system.

22 things we think will happen in 2022

The one good thing that could come from Gavin Newsom trolling the Supreme Court

A criminal justice expert’s guide to donating effectively

The significance of the guilty verdicts in Arbery’s murder

The ironic spectacle of Kyle Rittenhouse’s Tucker Carlson interview

Oklahoma will not execute Julius Jones, but the outcome should still trouble you

Kyle Rittenhouse’s tears

Ahmaud Arbery and the case for getting rid of citizen’s arrests

The Supreme Court finally figures out that religious liberty cases are hard

One Good Thing: A documentary about Philly cops’ worst enemy becoming their DA

The Supreme Court must decide if it loves religious liberty more than the death penalty

America can’t fix policing without fixing the country’s gun problem

The NRA had a very good day in the Supreme Court

How to prevent another death like Gabby Petito’s

The Supreme Court case that could gut America’s gun laws, explained

The Supreme Court floats a startling expansion to police immunity from the law

A better way to legalize marijuana

The nihilism of Neil Gorsuch

9 high-stakes issues SCOTUS will take up this term

Murders are spiking. Police should be part of the solution.

The evidence for violence interrupters doesn’t support the hype

Arizona launches a bold new experiment to limit racist convictions

Watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the “defund the police” era

The opioid epidemic isn’t unsolvable

Murders are up. Crime is not. What’s going on?

Why we love drugs

The Olympics are stuck in the 1980s on marijuana

Chauvin’s prison sentence is still not justice

Marijuana legalization has won

This progressive police reform bill is pretty popular 

What we know about the police killing of Winston Smith and the death of protester Deona Knajdek

Hate crime laws won’t actually prevent anti-Asian hate crimes

Colombia’s protests are a product of its post-peace-deal reality

One possible cause of the 2020 murder increase: More guns

New York gave every detained immigrant a lawyer. It could serve as a national model.

The Supreme Court hands down very good news for pretty much everyone who uses a computer

These 3 cities began boldly reimagining policing after George Floyd’s murder

First-time activists on how last summer’s protests changed their lives

The death of Ronald Greene in Louisiana police custody, explained

The case for requiring gun licenses

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