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Coronavirus: America's response

Vox's coverage of how the United States is responding to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, from President Trump, Congress, and state governments, to our healthcare systems and medical officials. To read more of Vox's coronavirus coverage, return to the hub here.

We’ve all got Covid-19 fatigue, but BA.5 shows it’s not over

A new study claims Medicare-for-all could have saved more than 200,000 lives during the pandemic

Why have politicians stopped talking about Covid?

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When hospitals value nurses as much as jello

Hospitals don’t profit off having good nurses. That’s a big problem.

“A lot of unnecessary loss of life”: The White House’s dire warning on Covid-19 funding

Carrick Flynn may be 2022’s unlikeliest candidate. Here’s why he’s running.

3 pandemic metrics that could tell us what’s next

The faulty foundation of our new post-pandemic normal

Welcome to the choose-your-own-adventure phase of the pandemic

The secrets hidden in sewage

What the media needs to get right in the next pandemic

The good and bad news about the current Covid-19 wave

How sewage can warn us about the next pandemic

How to test and trace a virus we haven’t discovered yet

Congress is cutting corners on Covid-19 funding. We may pay for it later.

The Biden administration is ending a controversial border policy

Who should get a fourth Covid-19 vaccine shot — and when?

What’s in Congress’s $1.5 trillion appropriations bill

You can now order more free Covid-19 rapid tests from Biden’s program

How the era of travel nursing has changed health care

Is the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic behind us? We asked 8 experts.

2 big reasons America’s booster rates are lagging

Democratic governors are trying to move on from a pandemic that’s still happening

Will schools require Covid-19 vaccines for students?

Who actually needs a fourth Covid-19 shot?

How to heal our national exhaustion

The hidden lesson in the new free Covid-19 tests

How to spot the signs of long Covid — and what to do next

The frustrating Covid-19 test reimbursement process is a microcosm of US health care

Why Covid-19 is always one step ahead of the US response

We’ll never have a normal flu season again

The most consistently botched part of the US pandemic response

Texas shows the dangers of indifference to omicron

Rapid tests, omicron, and you

Why one of the most vaccinated places in America couldn’t avoid omicron

The shape of the omicron wave is becoming clearer

Covid-19 surges spark chain reactions that strain US hospitals everywhere

How to make sense of the case and hospitalization data as omicron takes off

How omicron broke Covid-19 testing

Congress is on the brink of an immense health policy failure