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Coronavirus: Staying at home

Vox's coverage of how the Covid-19 coronavirus is impacting people's everyday lives. To read more of Vox's coronavirus coverage, return to the hub here.

22 predictions we made in 2021, and the 13 we got right

6 epidemiologists on how omicron is — and isn’t — changing their holiday plans

Lockdown was not a sabbatical

One Good Thing: A Zoom experience that will still be fun post-pandemic

Citizen science is booming during the pandemic

How to make this winter not totally suck, according to psychologists

The rise of working out while working from home

25 cartoons to get obsessed with, now and forever

The year in things

The year reality collapsed into pixels

The isolation of 2020 is doing weird things to our bodies

What was 2020? For me, it was video games.

Here are 6 things to consider about holiday travel

How to find fitness motivation after this train wreck of a year

A patio expert explains how to make winter socializing tolerable

How do you handle a tiny living space? We asked a Below Deck crew member.

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You can buy a robot to keep your lonely grandparents company. Should you?

As many seniors face down the winter holidays alone, it may be tempting to give them a companion robot as a gift.

How to keep your houseplants (and yourself) less miserable this winter

How to have a safer — but not safe — pandemic Thanksgiving

Wonder Woman 1984 will debut on HBO Max this Christmas

How the pandemic got people smoking again 

Why so many people have started journaling during the pandemic

Beauty businesses are struggling without us

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What was fun?

As we adjust to the "new normal," something’s missing.

Why plexiglass alone can’t prevent Covid-19 

Two of the year’s best movies are now on Netflix

A coronavirus consultant shares how she advises businesses on reopening

The pandemic is fueling the private tutoring industry

College towns without college students have small businesses struggling

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How do you cover a presidential campaign during a pandemic?

The extremely profitable (and ethically murky) business of reselling dumbbells

The pandemic forced mental health care to change for the better

In these uncertain times, Degrassi is the ultimate comfort

Do you really have to wash your mask after every use? Short answer: Yes.

Millions of Americans risk being evicted. This tenants rights lawyer says the courts aren’t prepared.

Nobody saw summer 2020 coming. So how come it felt like the movies did?

Walmart requires that customers wear masks. One former employee says enforcement is impossible.

Why it’s so hard to find dumbbells in the US 

The unexpected joy of the worst summer of our lives

The eerie surreality of sports in the Covid-19 bubble