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Coronavirus: Identities

Vox's coverage of how the coronavirus crisis is impacting different communities of people around the country and around the world. To read more of Vox's coronavirus coverage, return to the hub here.

The best $540 we ever spent: An indoor garden that made us feel connected

How Puerto Rico became the most vaccinated place in America

The best $4.99 I ever spent: Mass Effect 2

Lockdown was not a sabbatical

What the “Fauci Gate” emails tell us about Covid-19 and American politics

The human cost of Biden’s travel ban on India

Mourning my grandmother — and India — from across the ocean

“It’s a moral obligation”: How a Black bioethicist makes the case for vaccination to people of color

Hispanics are being vaccinated at lower rates nationwide. Nevada is trying to change that.

Anti-Asian racism has been overlooked for a long time. It’s now reached a boiling point. 

“The clock is ticking”: Battling cancer while the world is on pause

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What would you tell your pre-pandemic self?

14 people look back and offer advice to their past selves on what’s to come.

The number of Americans getting back on planes is taking off

This actually might be the best summer ever

“You can’t get away from the idea that you’re just lucky to be alive”

Pandemic survivor guilt may be pervasive, but it’s hard to detect, leaving many struggling in silence.

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3.9 million years

The frustrating reality of having vaccine-hesitant family members

The emotional toll of living with a health care worker in the pandemic 

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How boomers got so good at Zoom

The long history of anti-Asian hate in America, explained

A West Virginia pharmacist on how the state became a vaccine success story

“It all happened so fast”: 3 people on getting the Covid-19 vaccine by chance

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As Times Square sits idle, so do Mickey and Elmo

Life was never easy for New York’s costumed performers. What happens when the tourists disappear?

Black and Latino communities are being left behind in the vaccine rollout

Who has died from Covid-19 in the US?

Child care workers are getting left behind in the vaccine rollout

The story of vaccines in America starts with an enslaved African man

The case for outdoor schooling

How the CIA’s fake Hepatitis B vaccine program in Pakistan helped fuel vaccine distrust

The pandemic’s lasting effects on young medical workers

Today, Explained looks at how the coronavirus pandemic reshaped the world 

US citizen spouses and children of undocumented immigrants will finally get stimulus checks

Sesame Street, 2020, and me: A New York story

How the pandemic is forcing women out of the workforce, explained in a comic

How one city is building vaccine trust in Black and Latinx communities

The invisible struggle of the Asian American small-business owner

Should people of color get access to the Covid-19 vaccine before others?

What “home for the holidays” means during a pandemic

A millennial moved back in with her parents. Her mom maybe wants her to stay forever.

Funeral homes have been changed by the coronavirus. Here’s what it’s like to work in one.