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Evidence-based explanations of the Covid-19 pandemic, including how it started, how it might end, and how to protect yourself and others.

The science behind the omicron wave’s sharp peak and rapid decline

Here’s how to get the most out of free tests and N95s

A bizarre Wisconsin hospital lawsuit shows how Covid-19 gave workers new leverage

How to heal our national exhaustion

The extraordinary success of Covid-19 vaccines, in two charts

Omicron’s most crucial warning: A disease can move much faster than we can

What you need to know about Biden’s 400 million mask plan

The hidden lesson in the new free Covid-19 tests

How to spot the signs of long Covid — and what to do next

The frustrating Covid-19 test reimbursement process is a microcosm of US health care

Why Covid-19 is always one step ahead of the US response

Could a universal Covid-19 vaccine defeat every variant?

Am I asymptomatic, or do I just really not want to have Covid-19? A guide.

We’ll never have a normal flu season again

Even Tories are over Boris Johnson’s scandals after “Partygate”

The Supreme Court can’t get its story straight on vaccines

This is what long-term immunity to Covid-19 might look like

The most consistently botched part of the US pandemic response

A syllabus for a new world

Texas shows the dangers of indifference to omicron

Is Covax finally going to vaccinate the world?

The lesson America refuses to learn about Covid-19 and the economy

Omicron is exploding. Here’s what to do if you’re exposed.

Rapid tests, omicron, and you

Why one of the most vaccinated places in America couldn’t avoid omicron

We need to wear better masks

The Supreme Court appears ready to slash Biden’s vaccine mandate for workers

The great population growth slowdown

The stakes in the Supreme Court’s vaccine cases are even bigger than they seem

A partisan judge just gave Navy SEALs permission to defy a direct order

The shape of the omicron wave is becoming clearer

Where have all the truck drivers gone?

Despite omicron, Covid-19 will become endemic. Here’s how.

22 things we think will happen in 2022

22 predictions we made in 2021, and the 13 we got right

Covid-19 surges spark chain reactions that strain US hospitals everywhere

Welcome to Covid-19’s “junior year.” It’s not pretty.

Just how much is Trump’s judiciary sabotaging the Biden presidency?

What happens when omicron hits China

How to recognize Covid-19 symptoms from the omicron variant

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